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Friday, February 07, 2014

old school prom dress

What to wear on Valentine’s day in my opinion is something which oozes a little old fashioned romance. When George at Asda asked me what I'd wear on Valentine's day I chose a beautiful dress from their range. This lace prom dress is in the sale for a bargainous £5 would you believe?! I ordered in my usual size but I could have got away with a size smaller. The gorgeous lace bodice with the off-the-shoulder cap sleeves is deliciously old school Hollywood glamour and completely unlike anything I've worn before. I love the way there is a generous amount of neck and shoulder on show without it feeling uncomfortably low cut, the only other dress I have worn like this was my wedding dress, maybe that's why I love it so much. Let's face it the opportunity to wear a pretty net skirt like this is not to be missed and I feel rather grown up in such a frock. The cherry on the dress-cake is the little black bow to the front, just perfect!

low back prom dress

lace bodiceI I I decided to try out these polka dot tights which add to the vintage feel of the look. This necklace was chosen for me as an added extra and it's rather different but something I'll probably wear time and time again.

polka dot tights

These are my favourite dressy shoes, the buckles to secure them on are a must!

George at Asda lace prom dress

I’m planning to go out for s special meal with Husband but we never go on the 14th, we'd much prefer to go before or after to enjoy a normal atmosphere rather than all the put on guff that places insist on doing on Valentine’s day. I'm planning to wear this dress which makes me feel very happy. It’s nice to show to you care all year round,not just on one day a Valentine's day will most probably be spent having a regular but tasty inner at home and then snuggling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a snoring dog. As it should be.

heart shape earrings 

Do you have any plan?


Thanks to George at Asda for sending me the beautiful dress and tights! All opinions my own

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