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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eat clean, eat often, eat a balanced diet. I've been trying out healthier meals lately and by this I mean less crappy processed for (including premade sauces and packets of stuff), less carby rubbish; bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and more homemade fare with plenty of protein and roughage. Apparently the last food catch up post was in September so I have no idea what’s happened in between then and now but here are some dishes from the last few weeks.

Jamie Oliver's black bean burgersBlack bean burgers

Black bean burgers with corn on the cob and stir fries vegetables (and a few noodles)

Sausages and swede mashouthern fried chicken and chips

Sausages with swede mash and peas – home ish made southern fried chicken with chips and beans

Cowboy bbq chicken stewRoast pork

Cowboy bbq chicken stew with brown basmati – Roast pork and all the trimmings

Homemade fishcakePan fried trout

Left: Homemade fishcake and right: pan fried trout both served with stir fried veg and noodles

 Naan bread and onion bahjiLamb dopiaza

Lamb dopiaza (jarred sadly) with naan and onion baji with brown basmati

Ham leek and cider piepie bubbling over

Ham, leek and cider pie (pre-rolled light pastry atop)

pork loin with celeriac mashsausages with sweet potato mash

Pork loin, celeriac mash and steamed vegetables – sausages and sweet potato mash with peas

Chicken and bbq dipHam leek and cider pie

Home breaded chicken with bbq dip and salad – more ham pie with celeriac mash and veg

SONY DSCSmoked haddock and cheese sauce

Smoked haddock, swede mash and steamed veg with cheese sauce – cruddy fish portion with minted cauliflower and pea mash with steamed veg

chicken tikka with mint raita dipblack bean burgers

Chicken tikka portions with minted raita dip and salad – more black bean burgers with carrot mash and corn on the cob

Trout en papilotte with steamed veglentil and bacon soup

Trout en papilotte with cauliflower puree and steamed vegetables -  - homemade lentil and bacon soup

Did you notice that (some) of my photos are better than usual? I’m using a new method and am so far pleased with the results. Looking back at these meals I have to proclaim that I’m pretty pleased with the efforts we’ve made as the dishes certainly are colourful with a good mix of different components.


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