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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

St Maxime maxi dressvintage green dressgreen maxi dressvintage batwing dressDress in a forest

If you've ever wondered just how many awkward poses I have up my sleeve then perhaps today's post is perfect for answering that burning question (I sure have big enough sleeves), I present to you the mega-batwing!

Vintage batwing dress
There seems no end to my standing uncomfortably and squinting but hey at least they're an accurate depiction of the real me, of course I have to laugh.  This St Maxime dress is one I spied in one of my favourite and most fruitful charity shops, innocently hanging on it's rail, minding it's own business.
There are roughly a million reasons why I love it but I'll spare you the long list and just wax lyrical about the main points like how much I adore the colour and micro pattern of the material, I suppose it may be called geometric when you look up close. The black piping adds just enough interest to prevent it being plain without making too much of a feature and *hello* my darling rolled neck! The fabric itself is a lovely thick knit with a good amount of give, yet not ridiculously stretchy, makes for excellent winter attire with a good base layer of vest and thermal tights. Vix wrote a great post about keeping warm yesterday

Walking in the forest in heels

There have been so many midi bodycon dresses on the high street this winter that have caught my eye yet I have point-blank refused to try as they look awesome on certain figures but not on me sadly. They give me the air of lumpy and dumpy which is a look I prefer to avoid rather than running into head first. However this dress is an in-between midi/maxi length with a far more comfortable quantity of material for more flattering draping plus the velvety quilted belt prevents me from looking like I'm wearing a huge dress. Which essentially I am. Worn with my beloved Internacionale JC Litas dupes, necklace from charity ship and gifted earrings (one of which I have now lost and am most unhappy about)

The best part? It cost me £3.50 and gave me a day of feeling absolutely brilliant wearing a find that is so different and fun, knowing that nobody else was wearing the same in town. During one of the recent blogger chats the question was asked "who inspires you?" and my answer was that I'm so inspired by other bloggers to be myself and relish my own personal taste without feeling the need to either 'fit in' or 'stand out'. It's my party.

Green geometric dressGreen knit dressRoll neck maxi dress How to wear a vintage batwing dress


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  1. The dress only cost £3.50?!!! It looks amazing. This length is my go-to for EVERYTHING! It's so flattering and skims past everything.You look lovely. This colour is perfect on you!

    Katie <3

  2. This dress looks like it could be made for you! I love the colour and textures too :)

    Maria xxx

  3. Oh wow, you look brilliant Sophie and I love the message of being who you are and dressing to fit someone else's standards - you're too cool! - Tasha xxx

  4. It's your party indeed and you rock it! This dress is awesome! I love the roll neck, it's cute and not too big and the pattern is perfection.

    One of the things I love most about charity shopping is finding something unique and styling it up in different ways. Oh, I have a hankering to go charity shopping again.... only 17 days of Frugal Feb to go!

  5. It's Bloomin gorgeous!!!!!!! Just like you in it! Ha ha, the awkward poses! At last you have some variety! Me=stupid grin on face and hand in hip! X

  6. That is SUCH a cool dress Sophie! x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Those batwing sleeves are fabulous!

  9. First of, the dress looks really good on you and you're right - it sure was a good find!
    Second of, I oh so love how you put it 'It's my party'.
    I will never get how one can feel the need to fit in or stand out. Just do, say, and wear whatever YOU like!


  10. Thats such a gorgeous colour x


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