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Friday, March 10, 2017

blurry trees
I want to point out that I took this picture out of focus for a reason; it makes me feel like I'm squinting through blurry eyes, just open a fraction. I like the picture. It feels wonderfully clear and empty of pretence and ambition. It's true that I'm always drawn to taking photographs at every possible opportunity and in 2017 it's a widespread thing. With cameras on phones and pocket size compacts plus it generally being more affordable to own a giant and exciting camera it feels like much of the population is intent on capturing world on film (or more appropriately, on memory cards). The most minute fraction of pictures taken ever get printed out these days which although is a shame, does mean that thousands of trees are not being cut down in vain just to be stored in albums which linger in drawers then boxes in the attic.
One year I decided to get some of my photographs printed out, maybe to hang in the house or to blow up into a large canvas. When flicking through the shots I had taken it became apparent that I like none individually enough to select them above the others. That's the very core of my photography ethos really; I adore to take shots of what I see and how it feels to be anywhere at a particular moment. A selection of pictures tells the story. No one solitary image wants to do that alone and I wouldn't aim to compact it like that.
Never do I set out with the goal of taking a particular photograph, I'm very much a spontaneous capturer. Little fills me with more disinterest with the idea of taking a tripod and lights or deflectors. It would soon become a chore that became something to put off.
It's such a joy to share the pictures I take and to narrate any further observations and on that front I feel like I am achieving what I am setting out to do.

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