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Friday, March 31, 2017

spring countryside wishlist
It's a little spring wishlist which is prompted by an overriding longing to see hares boxing. I first mentioned it a few weeks ago and the idea has been gnawing away at me ever since. While out and about I've kept my eyes peeled for any such action and while I can report that no boxing has been observed, I have noted a solitary hare grazing a field boundary and executing a small hop. Hares aren't something that I've seen much of at all over the my lifetime, perhaps only seeing a couple a year at best. They must be either quite shy, or live in relative isolation from man. Either way I'm sad that I haven't ever seen something which epitomises spring take place.

The blossom which adorns the branches of particular trees at the moment is enthralling and it crossed my mind that over winter next year I could put together a schedule of trees to visit and photograph which are due to blossom. All the the fruit and nut bearing trees... There's an almond tree right in front of a house I would dearly love to examine and photograph but alas, the person who lives there is someone I try to avoid. It would be fascinating to really affirm my knowledge of which trees flower in which manners.

I'd also love to see a family of birds (or several families of birds) going about their lives in our garden bird boxes. Last year we had quite a bit of action but thus far we haven't seen any, so fingers crossed our garden will attract some visitors.

Would it be a little fanciful to hope to see a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis? I suspect so, but it's an aspiration for a sunny spring day nevertheless. A chimera of the heart. At primary school I vividly remember narrating something at a presumably spring play about a chrysalis; always my preference to pupae, which sounds too much like poopy to be uttered in polite company.

What would you like to see this spring?

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