Spring plans for the new season

Friday, March 03, 2017

Spring plans in the countryside

Time to make plans for spring

I have lost all track of schedule for when it's time to lay out my plans for spring but now as it's March I feel like nature has given me the thumbs up to let my mind race ahead with ideas for the coming days.
Spring plans in the countryside

what's on the list to do 

  • Sow the flower seeds! I have plenty already in the greenhouse but the rest need sowing when the time is right

  • Plant up pots for the front doorstep and patio - also later on when it warms up a little

  • Help out at the allotment with everything C and I need to do this season

  • Forage elderflowers and make cordial like last year

  • Pick flowers from the garden and press them in my flower press. I want to save a few of every flower if at all possible to keep and use through the year.

  • Till and mark out each bay of my cut flower patch. I'm super excited to be doing this properly for the first time - can you tell?

  • Pick nettle tips to make a rabbit stew with nettle dumplings. I saw a recipe for this and have my heart set on it.

  • Use up more from the freezer, especially the frozen rhubarb, strawberries and asparagus from the freezer. Ideally so I can fill the freezer up with more batch cooking

  • Take my camera out and bout more often. I want to capture more things as they happen, such as stopping on car journeys if I see something exciting. 

  • Write letters on my spring writing paper. I do like to send my thoughts to pen pals more often these days. 

  • Swap my wardrobe around. Bring back the pretty summer dresses. Always try to refine by giving things I no longer like or like the fit of to charity.

  • Arrange our Easter plans. I'd like to enjoy a day spent like Christmas. Maybe more on this soon.

  • Keep enjoying my blog life. If I want to retrace the footprints I left last spring then so be it; there's no point trying to do something different for the sake of it. Making each post is a joy and I don't want to feel guilty or boring if I cover the same ground as last year.

Spring plans in the countryside

Spring plans in the countryside

Spring plans in the countryside
The birds are so inspiringly lively and cheerful at the moment. It's heartening to see.
Stay with me this spring to keep up with all my adventures.

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