Happy friends pink and grey

Thursday, March 02, 2017

dressing for the countryside in winter
What makes pink and grey such great friends? Who knows, but they dance merrily hand in hand. This turtle-neck, retro pink long sleeved knit has been worn over and over this winter. I adore how cosy and comfortable it feels to wear, plus it neatly fits below layers and is easy to sneak a vest beneath on the colder days.
dressing for the countryside in winter
I received some really thoughtful Christmas presents, one of which was this fabulous Hobbs skirt from Kezzie who knows my style so well. The high quality finish makes for a timeless piece so I'm looking forward to wearing this one year after year.
dressing for the countryside in winter
One of my favourite necklaces which I bought on a whim in a charity shop. Sometimes I get really attached to things once I own them.
dressing for the countryside in winter
It's surely only a matter of time until the cold winds drop, the sunshine comes out and renders the requirement for thick tights redundant. Less mud would be lovely too. Galoshes could be making an appearance soon if the forecast is to be believed....
dressing for the countryside in winter
My winter wardrobe has served me well this season but I'm looking forward to delving into next.

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