Calm before the storm

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

With the forecast looking decidedly dramatic for Saturday evening onwards we ensured our habitual wander somewhere was factored into Saturday's plans. It certainly didn't feel like there was anything untoward on the horizon; the calm blue skies and almost non-existent breeze gave no clue as to what was on the approach. I enjoyed a walk which wasn't a trudge through boggy mud for a change- some areas have benefited from drying out over the last couple of weeks but the impact of gloopy ground will hang around for a good while yet. The forest tracks cut up by machinery ploughing through the soft ground.

The bright, bold sunlight was warm, giving the false impression of spring awakening the landscape. It felt wonderfully regenerative to walk in.

Even for a keen observer like me the landscape didn't have much new to show for itself.

Foxgloves do well around the forest periphery and I must make a note to visit in late spring to see them all in bloom. Far too often I miss things as our visits to certain areas are seasonal.

Two buzzards made use of the thermals; circling overhead in those beautiful clear skies.

I just wanted to finish off by saying a really big thank you for coming back to my blog and having a read through. It's always lovely to hear your comments and those of you that pop back now and again are ever so welcome, I'm glad you find a bit of interest here.
Sometimes it can get a little morose over winter here but this year I've felt more propelled both by making more of an effort to keep up posting and generally by feeling better in finding things of interest to share. Of course, this year I'd love to achieve a 'full house' of posting each working weekday but realistically it's a bit too much of an ask, but so far, so good and it's kept me feeling buoyant with content and contentment.

Take care,

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