You tell me pretty lies

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The weather is telling me pretty lies on and off at the moment; the blue skies and sunshine trying to lead me into a false sense of security that spring is starting. Yet I am weary. The forecast and the sudden plummeting temperatures remind me we are very much still in the clutches of winter. It's not safe out there.
White dead nettle
You see far more plain lords and ladies but the variegated with the blobs are nice to spot.

Foliages. Above, I think leftover aconite is likely.

Stringy catkins catching the wind.
This blue tit was acting in a most peculiar manner. Firstly, it did not fly off when I started snapping away and secondly it was singing a song I've not heard before. Maybe to attract a mate or alert them to a possible nesting site? Either way, it was very interesting.

Dwindling red campion from one of those plants which never quite perishes over winter.
Balckthorns full of buds.
And one flower.

Take care,

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