Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Something old and something new. The old skirt was one of my storage finds a few weeks ago. Did I mention I had a purge since then? I ruthlessly parted company with the clothes which neither fit nor will be ones I want or can wear again. Sadly, it was quite a lot but I re-united the lost gems with my wardrobe. When I found this tangerine shade top I knew it had to be mine. Another charity shop find, which still some people turn their noses up at, but nevertheless it's my preferred way of shopping. My handbag is the same shade.

The skirt and top together work well but probably as a more autumnal colour combination but as spring is a little way off I'll let it slip.

These pictures were from Sunday afternoon when the sun shone in the blue sky yet the arctic gusts continued to buffet the landscape. If the wind had dropped it would have felt almost warm.
Take care,

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