Sac magique

Monday, February 10, 2020

I have a confession. There's a whole rail in the spare room wardrobe of winter clothes that I'd completely forgotten about. Along with a whole variety of unflattering skirts and vintage curios there are a few pieces that I can still wear (hooray) but for some reason had remained locked away and lost from mind. It was on another attempt to sort out the stuff we store in there I opened the door to find some clothes. Perhaps it was the items I hardly ever wore which found themselves relegated to the brink of Narnia but amongst them was this dress. There's a lot of reasons I could wave goodbye for this one, but I haven't because it is an absolute saviour when it comes to suffering a monumental bloat. The whopping great ugly sack of a dress completely glosses over all lumps and bumps to conceal all discomfort. It's a miracle. It's a sac magique!

I love this red turtleneck top which turtles it's way almost up to my jawline. The fitted arms for no explicable reason turn to lampshades at the cuff for amusement. Not only is it super warm but interesting too.
Cute necklace was a gift from lovely Hazel a few years ago.

A good hair day and a smile. All sins forgiven in my potato sack of a tunic. High five to all who remember where Sac Magique comes from.

Take care,

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