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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Going back a few weeks now. The orchids spied here are possibly common spotted orchids but in my book they ought to be pink and here they look whiter than pink but who knows. They look enchanting however they are named. 
There were beautiful dragonflies hunting butterflies on the wing. I couldn't get any photographs but a couple of shots with a dragonfly-shaped blur. 
Although it's incredibly small and airy, I think this is hedge bedstraw. 

Perforate st john's wort. 
Bit of tufted vetch gathering momentum everywhere now.
I'd say it's a small white butterfly.
Above, this could be enchanter's nightshade. Isn't it fragile, 

Well, I think it's agrimony peeking up there.
Meadowsweet is everywhere now. 
So many interesting insects all over the brambles.
Spot the dragonfly above...
To my delight we saw maybe 20 white admiral butterflies in the sunshine but this was the only picture of any use (and it's not very helpful) as they didn't want to land anywhere other than in the trees! Come back my pretties!
Wood sorrell? 
Self heal. And that's a good note on which to end.
Take care,

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