Jolly sights

Friday, July 03, 2020

The dog roses are almost over now, just a few blooms in the hedgerow. I didn't take any of these so it does mean that come autumn there will be plenty of hips if I'm picking.

This jolly yellow sight was found along someone's hedge so I'm assuming it's not wild, as I cannot identify it from my book (closest is yellow loosestrife) but I adored the lovely bright flowers.
Trefoils mingling through grasses.
New sighting! Common restharrow I think. It looks quite a woody stem and a pea-like flower.

Horseradish above.
Black medick rife.
Ringlet butterfly
Hairy wheat, what on earth?! It's all ears.
I must identify this lizardy skinned weed. It sticks with fine hairs and it's also trying to grow on our flower meadow.
Self heal, such a calming name for a wild flower.
Sloes a-growing.
All the wild carrot-esque family. Another year I'll get to grips with differentiation.

Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

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