July dawns

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

June made off into the sunset with alarming alacrity. I find myself nursing a loss this morning; C got in with the pinch and punch before it had crossed my mind which of course has tipped the scores back in his favour but the year's got plenty left in the tank so I'll have to be more careful in months to come. 
The dreary grey days lately have put a dampener on summer so I admit, I haven't taken as many photographs as I would usually, however, there are so many I've not published yet that I don't think I'll be running out for a bit. There's so much to say, but often the words fail me and I just don't feel like trying.

Clover in full swing

The white airy flowers are hedge bedstraw.

Field bindweed looks so pretty with it's pastel pink stripy flowers which remind me of party tents and beach huts.

Take care,

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