Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The lull in summer sunshine has meant that every time the sunshine bursts through the clouds my heart soars. Be gone pesky clouds and let us dance in the golden glow!
Of course the recent rains have meant that the flowers are looking fantastic, both garden tended and wild. In my fourth-ish year of identifying wild things I still keep finding new blooms which I've never come across before. Long may it continue.
An outfit post today, which has become a rarity on the blog. This year has pendulumed  between feeling downcast over the weather, myself, being too drained to want to pick myself up and put on something pretty and then on the other hand those days where I feel lighthearted and full of enthusiasm. I didn't know what to wear on this mild but windy afternoon. I've been in shorts most days and mostly my outdoor working ones which although are comfortable, do nothing to flatter. I didn't want to spend the whole time out holding down a dress, so settled on this skirt which has lingered on the rail for maybe a couple of years. 
Yes, I realise that a cream skirt this short can never be worn for sitting down in (especially on the floor) or dining out (magnet for any food spillage) so as far as practicalities go it's got a lot of downside. However, donning my rose tinted summer spectacles I would like to state it's case for 'skirt most suitable for a windy summer's day'. What a winner. both snug and safe. With practically not another soul for miles now that the full-on lockdown has ceased, I only needed a cursory glance around before bobbing down to take any flower photographs.  

Blouse is one of my favourites, with it's pretty choirboy lace neckline and loose sleeves. I don't wear it enough, but then it's hopeless trying to stuff it under anything. 
Always ankle boots. 
It feels good to be outdoors. 

Take care,

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  1. You look stunning! What a fab outfit - the skirt is lovely (even if not very practical in most situations), and it works so nicely with the top, which is also lovely! Totally worth keeping in your wardrobe for the days when you can wear it.
    The gardens and hedgerows are looking lovely aren't they? But, some more sun would be very much appreciated, I want to wear some of my summer clothes, go out without fear of getting drenched, and to feel the warmth on my skin and drink it in! Fingers crossed for more summer days.

  2. Lovely happy pictures - and your outfit really suits you...matches the sparkiness of your enthusiasm. :)

  3. Hi! I did a blog post on the Bloggers Art Gallery with an updated list of partipants with hyperlinks and a poster that you are free to use! Please come and have a look to check out final details. Just wanted to let you know! Looking forward to seeing your post on Tuesday. xx
    And on this post YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you are wearing my favourite item of your wardrobe! I LOVE this blouse so much and it looks SOO good with a fitted skirt in the same colour! Beautiful!

  4. What a gorgeous outfit. I love the mini skirt and the blouse.

  5. You look absolutely stunning lovely outfit.


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