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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Something completely different today! Kezzie suggested we share what art we have and see her post here for more participants. I immediately thought, oh dear, I've not got much at all and people will feel that I'm terribly uncultured (probably true) but nevertheless I went hunting round the house, albeit a few days later than planned, to see what I had. It turns out I have loads! How funny that you just don't notice what surrounds you? The first is my favourite. We bought this from a lady who sold her paintings at a car boot near Norwich. It's a medium size piece with such beautiful colours. I felt terrible handing over a mere £12 for it (and I suspect she would have taken less if I'd haggled). It's in the living room and hangs pride of place. I love it so much!
These two mythical creatures are curious. They have hung either side of my bed since I was a little girl. They are cork and with some kind of silver paint. I presume they are worthless, as with all our art - in terms of re-sale value, but most have a high sentimental value.

Above and below, they are my paintings. Yes, the horror. The above is a dahlia and as far as self critique goes, I'm pretty chuffed with it, bordering on proud. Below, it's the hawthorn tree in our garden in blossom. It was started 2 years ago and finally finished this spring. It's underwhelming but I'll pop it up at some point. 

On to the pieces that were bought for us. The above, C bought for me and I think it's amazing. It's an original and is full of joy!
Below, C's Dad bought this for us of a local scene by a local artist and again, it's a real memory in that picture.

Hazel bought me this (above) piece for a Christmas gift one year. Fantastic local scenery and the colours give it the real feeling of those wintry days. 
Below. My grandparents bought this for me when I was around 10 as I 'loved horses'. Yes, I do, but this is a picture of a pervy looking man out on the hunt, which is not exactly what I would have imagined to be a piece suitable. The frame however, is amazing. It's made of rubbish but at a distance it looks brilliant! I keep this more out of guilt than because I like it. I assume it's original. 
C has a few Ronald Wong prints. I hate them. This one is still up and there are more tucked away somewhere. I'd merrily sell these and never see them again. GIVE ME MORE SCENERY AND LESS PLANES.
Above and below, these both hung at my grandparents' house, for years. Nothing ever changed there, it was like a museum more than a home. Very weird. Anyway, it turns out that my grandfather liked these because years later after he died, my grandmother mentioned how she never liked these two. (and yet they never moved!) When she died my parents said they never liked them either. However, I love them! So I happily took them home to be admired. In the spare room. A bit wonky.

I bought the above print for C, it's an enchanting one.
There was a local Christmas market packed with stall and no people buying, it was awful. Those poor craftspeople who gave up their afternoon and not making a penny. We bought the above and below pictures made of melted wax. They are beautiful!

I think that's the lot. Hope you enjoyed my tour of art!

Take care,

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  1. Most enjoyable post Sophie you have a lovely selection of pictures. I know what you mean about pictures of planes not my scene either but you must let C have at least one up 😆 . Take care and stay safe .x

  2. The first one is my favourite too. It's so beautiful!
    More scenery and less planes. LOL. Have to say I agree with you there!

  3. That field of flowers is so lovely! I bet it’s even better in real life. It looks like it has a lot of texture, which is something I love to see in a painting.
    The local scene? Do you know the artist? It’s a very striking piece.
    I did have to chuckle at the perky looking horseman, he does look rather odd :)
    Andy has a similar plane painting which will have to go on the wall one day, it was a 21st birthday gift from his (now deceased) grandparents.
    The badgers in a nighttime settings is rather lovely, kinda magical.
    The melted wax pictures are very unusual, I’ve never seen anything quite like them.
    It’s been lovely to see your art collection :)

  4. Sophie, you do have some lovely art and I like most of them. I'm not keen on the Panther Plane either. It must be a guy thing. I'm glad that you like those two painting your grandparents had. I like them a lot.

    Thanks for sharing your art gallery with us. It's been a lot of fun and rather energizing to see everyone's art.


  5. Hello! I really like your pieces! £12 for that gorgeous painting!??!?! Wow, it is so pretty! I really love the field of flowers- so vibrant and reminds me of your wild flower meadow! So beautiful!
    What a curious painting that was that your grandparents gave you!!
    I like that you kept those paintings of your Grandfather's.
    I'm really glad you joined in with this and found so many interesting pieces- it's really nice to come and visit everyone's posts and also see all my disparate blogging friends commenting on each other's posts who don't usually! It's like a big party!

  6. I really like that painting C's dad bought and the one from Hazel too. Lovely nature prints and great to see a bit of home made art! I'm with you on the planes though!

  7. Hello Sophie! That car boot sale painting is lovely, what a great find.
    My friend has the same problem with her husband, he tries to fill the walls with pictures of sailing boats. She's allowed him one! x


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