Monday, 24 November 2014

Maiden voyage

Asos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dress

It's not often I buy new-new clothes, except if I find something that I adore too much to ignore or perhaps if I have a voucher given to me then I have a peruse until I find something that tickles my fancy. It was the voucher-induced browsing that lead me to this beauty from Asos which I absolutely adore. Naturally, it was a while ago so it's now out of stock but this monochrome embroidery shirt dress was something that really caught my eye and called my name in no uncertain voice.

Remember I casually mentioned my adoration for all things black? Well black and white still counts as black in my head. I can't get enough of the white cuffs and embroidered shoulders with the collar, it's perfect with black tights and my buckled boots which conjures up pictures of a Victorian maid inspired outfit in my mind.

I'm rather taken with my new thing of wearing red lipstick, I've got a few different shades which I'll share at some point and it's a lip based revelation to me. That and eyeliner. Who knows, beauty blogging may be the way forward...? No, it's not.

Take care,


Friday, 21 November 2014

Just a girl in the countryside

sixties floral tunic dresssixties floral tunic dresssixties floral tunic dress

I am who I am.

Lately, I've been thinking more about my time of sharing on here, almost four years of it now which seems like a long time in the scheme of things. So much has changed since day 1 of course; I have a much clearer idea of what interests me enough to share here, what I want from my photography and my personal style is ever changing.

For the first couple of years there were loads of you leaving comments; 10-20 was quite usual every day and I would drop by your blogs too and comment. It was fun and I read so much. Over the last couple of years commenting seems to have become rarer and rarer, even when I used to visit loads of new blogs I would never get any responses. The past year I've continued to read my favourite blogs and keep up with them the best I can, though I really ought to let people know my thoughts more often. I know that any comments I get here are pretty precious and it's lovely to hear that people have read my posts or enjoyed them.

I've also sponsored a few blogs in the past which was not all that successful. If you found me through one of my sponsorships then hello and thank you but there was little point in going through each rigmarole. Going forwards I've decided to just focus on doing what is of most interest; blogging itself. It seems to be a fulfilling affair to pick the best photographs and lay down my words. The best reward is that any of you drop by here because you want to, because you enjoy it. If that only means a couple of you actually visit then so be it but I'm only doing what makes me happy.

I'm just a girl in the countryside.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Aldeburgh to Thorpeness | The Suffolk coastline

Aldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastline

In a rare event at the weekend we ventured beyond the borders of Norfolk and into sunny Suffolk for a family meal out. It seemed somewhat irrelevant that our journey was of significant proportions for a meal out, the roads round here are not the best for efficient travel; a stretch of dual carriageway to Norwich and that's your jolly lot.

Aldeburgh to Thorpeness coastline

Whenever we've been to Aldeburgh before I always make a beeline for Thorpeness and this occasion was no exception. It mattered not that my heeled boots were impractical, or that there was nothing much to see along the coast; force of habit declared that this was the thing to do.

The weather was drab to say the least, grey cloud all afternoon except a little chink of sunset in the distance before we left.

Aldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastlineSONY DSCAldeburgh to Thorpeness coastline

I'm pleased with the pictures that I've ended up with after all, they'll do for me. Maybe a return in summer 2015 is on the cards to make a bit more of the day.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Searching for the psammead

perfect tweed midi skirtperfect tweed midi skirt

Tweed. I like tweed. I like the sturdy nature of the fabric, the way it can keep out a draft, the classic look which never feels old. When I found this skirt I was over the moon; it's a size too big so ideally I need to take it in a little so it will fit my waist as opposed to hang on my hips but beggars can't be choosers. The length is utterly respectable and I love the banding parallel to the hem, it stops it being completely plain. The shirt is another recent find, it's a pleasingly roomy fit and will be perfect for wearing under pinafore dresses and jumpers too.

perfect tweed midi skirt

Just to be a little different I put my hair into a messy side plait (it was only ever going it be messy on a breezy day) which looks so short. My hair is frustratingly slow growing and I swear more gets cut off each time than there is in new growth!

Shirt and skirt – charity shops, jewellery – miscellaneous, tights – old, boots – yard sale

Have you ever searched for the psammead? I hope at least some of you know what I'm talking about.