Tuesday, 7 July 2015

UncommonGoods | A natural jewellery wish list

Once in a while I make a real gem of a discovery; recently I was introduced to Uncommongoods who are to date the very most inspirational brand I've had the pleasure to find. What's so special about them? Well as well as having an amazing selection of nature based jewellery (you have to take a look here) they have hearteningly high ethics as a brand; committed to increasing sustainability and working with suppliers to continue raising 'green' standards. None of the products sold contain any fur, feathers, leather or pearls and instead the emphasis is very much more on including recycled, reclaimed and handmade pieces that have a story, a purpose and that radiate beauty.

There are not all that many companies that impress me on an emotional level but I was honestly quite touched to read all about the way they work, ethical is the way forward and Uncommongoods are leading from the front. There is a lovely introduction with each product about it's background and about who makes it, I spent ages reading and thoroughly enjoyed finding out how concepts for individual pieces were conceived.

What's tickled my fancy? Well, plenty! I'm somewhat smitten by their range of necklaces, in particular this lemon balm leaf impression pendent by Neena Jhaveri as well as this love birds locket by Britta Ambauen.

Uncommon goods leaf necklaceUncommon goods locket necklace

There are so many necklaces that are exactly my cup of tea; like this beautiful locket and my favourite – a perfect one for me at the moment, pendent with strawberry leaves pressed into clay.

Uncommongoods locket necklaceUncommongoods locket necklace

How delightful are these Starfish and Bird lockets by Catherine Weitzman? This simple silver necklace handmade by husband and wife team Rhonda and Elijah Wyman is something I would wear all the time.

Uncommon goods starfish necklaceUncommon goods bird necklace

Nancy Nelson believes that jewellery should evoke an emotion and tell a story; this leaf birch cuff in brass is so natural, in sweet aesthetic juxtaposition Lisa and Sean Reico have created a cuff which fuses modern minimalism and pure nature together by sandwiching fern leaves between two panels of eco-friendly resin. Remarkable!

You can explore the full range of bracelets here.

Uncommon goods fern leaf braceletUncommon goods fern leaf bracelet

I don't know about you but I'm blown away by the creativity on offer. This set of 7 bracelets representing the Story of the Earth by Lis Giròn is absolutely me; simple yet meaningful.

Uncommon goods story of the earth

Having a quick peruse around the rest of the site I was drawn to this beautiful forest birds mobile and this raindrops mobile but there are literally hundreds of things I'd love to make mine (don't mention the stationery section!).

Uncommon goods mobileUncommon goods mobile

Are you as bowled over by Uncommon Goods as I am? What catches your eye?


This is a sponsored post put together by myself, all opinions my own as always.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Walking on the sands at sunset

sheer dress on the beach at sunsetv

The longest of days in summer spell the start of soaring temperatures, sweltering nights and maddening delirium before sleep. Miles of walking into the sunset of a clear evening prove irresistible; sparkling sands, rippling heat waves and gently lapping tides, carefully creeping forth enough to kiss the shore before quietly retreating away.

sheer dress on the beach at sunsetsheer dress on the beach at sunsetsheer dress on the beach at sunset

Too warm for anything but a light dress I wore this pretty number I bought from Aluna J last year with brown ankle boots, a floral crown from Asos as well as my gorgeous green necklace from Caliz and an assortment of arm candy.

sheer dress on the beach at sunsetsheer dress on the beach at sunset

Have you taken a sunset walk along the sand?


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Blue skies and lush green grass

big blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolk

The sky has the ability to fascinate me even with the merest wisp of cloud; this particular evening in June was the perfect example of such an occasion. The hot sun was beating down while threads of vapour hung motionlessly against the pure blue backdrop, beautiful.

The lush green grasses grow fast and strong.

big blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolkbig blue skies in Norfolk

If you're going to be walking any of the Norfolk trails this year, you might be interested in taking part in the Norfolk Trails Photography Competition which is up and running already until 1st November.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

The dark risk

dark dress in grass fielddark dress in grass field

A dark dress in summer is something of a risk but on this particular day the sun was hidden behind clouds for much of the afternoon, occasionally breaking through to beam down light in spooky shafts. I've become rather taken with wearing these yellow flowers in my hair, they are such a lovely cheerful accessory which on this occasion match the yellow in my dress. Another find from the charity shopping trip to Ipswich with Hazel and Kezzie a couple of months back, this Monsoon dress is a simple cut with a pretty neck detail. Worn with biker boots, heart pendent necklace and lots of bangles.

brecks5dark dress in grass fielddark dress in grass field

This landscape is how I see the Brecks in my mind; a flat outlook with wild grasses and flowers with pine trees swaying in the summer breeze. At this time of year it looks distinctly dry as the sandy soil drains easily, leaving a dusty surface. You can almost hear the insects buzzing in the undergrowth, and the birds calling out. This fabulous arc of wild flowers is such a joy to behold, irresistible for me to miss, I'm so drawn to the fleeting details before they vanish for the season.