Tuesday, 3 March 2015



My goodness, Mondays can be the longest of days.

Isn't it always the way that the weekends seem to fly by at a heck of a pace and then dump you in the slowest Monday known to mankind. I can't be the only person who makes a mental note of all the things they want to do at the weekend, planning to tick a load off the to-do list; head out to pick up essentials, catch up with someone along with squeezing in some chill out time. The reality is that having a lay-in wipes out any hope of getting much done of a morning, it's either chill out or go out but there doesn't seem to time for everything.

The weekends that I can seem to get a few things done leave me exhausted on a Monday.

I take 90 to 100% of my blog photographs at the weekend. I fantasize about editing them and writing all the posts for the week, when reality I'm lucky to get anything prepared for Monday. I then spend Monday just trying to get back n track for the week.. stay up late... make myself tired for Tuesday.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Bit of fluff

big fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumper

The softest fibres, like a synthetic cuddle, stroke my skin and keep me enveloped in warmth.

I did that thing which I swear I'll never do again (yet always do) which is to buy something without checking it over fully. This jumper is so soft and fluffy it could be spun from a candy floss sheep; I love how it feels against my skin, plus it is so warm to wear. Even though it contravenes my unspoken 'no more dull grey knitwear' rule, I knew I had to have it once I fondled it briefly on the rail. I could kid myself it was more of a pearly silver and pretend that wearing a jumper two sizes too big was cool as opposed to massively unflattering.

Imagine my shock when I got it home and saw what was on the back; BUTTONS!! Good grief. I tried it on to check it sat ok (I loved it) and cue comment 1 of 'have you got it on back to front?'.

Right... like that is it? I get the distinct feeling that I'm going to hear that every. single. time I wear it.


Friday, 27 February 2015

In the forest clearing

girl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirtskirt1girl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirtgirl in the woods with a lace skirt

Deep in the forest, through the dense thickets of trees a clearing is found. The light pours in and gives a bright clear stretch of grass perfect for running around in. The child in me imagines that the woodland creatures make their way through the woodland paths and congregate here for meetings, perhaps at the break of dawn.

This week has been very neat; I've already showed you some of the pictures from the woods and regaled you with the tale of how I mended my skirt and here we are on Friday with me wearing the skirt in the woods. It's almost like I planned it perfectly.

I love the old fashioned feel of this skirt; to me it works best with a white shirt and a knitted tank. This shirt has an amazing rustle to it, the thick cotton fabric is both hardy and warm with plenty of room for a vest and long sleeved top underneath. This Hobbs knitted tank (a thoughtful gift from my dear friend Alice) is a natural choice to inject a little season-appropriate colour.

The only downside is that this skirt and top combination only emphasises my short torso and the skirt looks almost like it comes up to my armpits. It's a good thing I'm none too worried.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Drinks and nibbles

Seed and Bean chocolate review

It's been a while since I posted about food and I've missed it!

I finally got round to taking a few pictures so I can talk about things. It's so much nicer to have pictures, I think.

Firstly, I was a super lucky girl to be sent some chocolate to review from Seed and Bean, I was particularly restrained not to dive straight in. Our favourite was the milk chocolate with Cornish sea salt and lime; it was delicious and tangy! From there on me and C disagreed. I loved the white chocolate with lemon and poppy seed which was sweet and zesty which was right up my street, whereas C preferred the rich milk chocolate. All Seed and Bean chocolate is organic and Fair Trade which makes it a guilt free choice. The bars are a good size, plenty big enough to consider sharing while staying within the realms of acceptable if you happen to polish the lot of alone.

Seed and Bean chocolate reviewBundaberg run

I also got my mitts on some Bundaberg rum which I've yet to drink but I'd like to make some fancy schmancy cocktail with it so I'm popping my thinking cap on. Any suggestions?


Last but not least, I used up our last pumpkin from the allotment making a spiced pumpkin tray bake cake. It wasn't the greatest success as I completely forgot to put in the sugar, which was only apparent when the cake had cooked and the shreds of pumpkin were entirely visible. It smells just as delicious although tastes somewhat different although once set afloat in a generous serving of custard is acceptably edible.

Thank you to Seed and Bean and Bundaberg for sending me these items to review and Chris for growing me the pumpkin.