Thursday, 2 July 2015

The dark risk

dark dress in grass fielddark dress in grass field

A dark dress in summer is something of a risk but on this particular day the sun was hidden behind clouds for much of the afternoon, occasionally breaking through to beam down light in spooky shafts. I've become rather taken with wearing these yellow flowers in my hair, they are such a lovely cheerful accessory which on this occasion match the yellow in my dress. Another find from the charity shopping trip to Ipswich with Hazel and Kezzie a couple of months back, this Monsoon dress is a simple cut with a pretty neck detail. Worn with biker boots, heart pendent necklace and lots of bangles.

brecks5dark dress in grass fielddark dress in grass field

This landscape is how I see the Brecks in my mind; a flat outlook with wild grasses and flowers with pine trees swaying in the summer breeze. At this time of year it looks distinctly dry as the sandy soil drains easily, leaving a dusty surface. You can almost hear the insects buzzing in the undergrowth, and the birds calling out. This fabulous arc of wild flowers is such a joy to behold, irresistible for me to miss, I'm so drawn to the fleeting details before they vanish for the season.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015



Yesterday was the most beautiful, hot summer's day in Norfolk; we vowed to make the most of the evening so headed out to the beach armed with cameras to enjoy the last of the sunshine. It was just the break from the weekday routine that I needed and proved to such a tonic. I only had a chance to scan through the photos last night, they will take a while to sort through but I'm really pleased with some of them on first glance.

Take care in the summer heat


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A bunch of flowers from the garden


By nature I'm young at heart; convinced I'm not quite a grown up yet. It's funny when little things suddenly make you feel like an adult; the day I took my husband's suit for dry cleaning, such a peculiar feeling washed over me. Picking these flowers and shoots from the garden reminded me of my grandmothers, I'm sure both of them liked to snip a few little bits from outside and pop them in water. I'd never done it before but after seeing a few other pictures from people doing the same on Instagram my interest was piqued enough to head outdoors with a pair of scissors (odd choice) while wearing a somewhat worried expression, seeking some shoots ready to flower. We have one rosebush which we planted years ago and has thrived contrary to our haphazard gardening, most of the flowers are in mid bloom already so I looked hard for a few buds and was rewarded. Our hypericum bushes are always a joy to see with swathes of yellow flowers, so I know they can spare a few stalks. There were also a few flowering weeds I made use of too as well as a little bulking greenery and lavender. All in all, not a bad first attempt.


Monday, 29 June 2015

Finding happiness

finding happiness in simple things

Being happy. That's a broad subject, isn't it? I recently read two great posts by Rosie “Should happiness be so hard” and Alice “Catching dreams” which didn't really resonate with me at all. I know, I'm pretty sure I'm the odd one out. By nature I'm a realist, a pessimist according to some,but I don't dream big (or at all really), there is no yearning for something amazing to happen; as far as I'm concerned - this is it, there is nothing more. It seems not to be the case for everyone which I suppose is for the best.

The mundane rigmarole of modern life can drain our inspiration with regrettable frequency but I have the answer for myself. Take joy in more. Look closer, take time to see the finer details, appreciate the smallest of things as well as the bigger picture.

finding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple things

The long grasses and open spaces, with hot winds and racing clouds. Birdsong all around and planes in the far distance leaving graffiti across the deep blue skies. The fluttering of butterflies and darting dragonflies, dancing in pairs by the river; teasing and flirting before settling down. The gentle hum of bees on each bloom; they buzz around to inspect before landing on each flower and crawling around to indulge in the pollen in abundance. The fish swimming upriver; pausing to feed, jumping to catch flies on the surface and vanishing before you can catch sight after hearing the 'plop'.

finding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple thingsfinding happiness in simple things

Learning to let the great outdoors restore my balance and fill me with joy has been the best discovery of my life; it's so simple and so accessible. Don't get me wrong, I'm not brimming with happiness at all hours of the day, but what I do know is where to go when I'm feeling a little empty.

finding happiness in simple things

I wish everyone could find what they are looking for with such ease. Find it and cling on to it for dear life.


PS. I shot myself running around in the grass and it was such great fun