Friday, 27 March 2015

First spring fitness update

perfect sportswear for spring

I have been almost bursting at the seams to talk about where I'm at in my fitness journey at the moment! The warmer weather has worked it's magic and I'm now feeling really motivated to get moving, get busy, get planning and make some progress.

First off, running has suddenly become something I'm looking forward to as opposed to being a real drag. We have been out for three outdoor runs now and to be honest they were brilliant. The very first was on a Saturday evening a couple of weeks ago; the evening was looming and while the great, wide sky was pale blue to start with, it morphed through oranges and pinks in front of my very eyes while I breathed in the fresh air and stretched my legs with the luxury of grass underfoot.

It frankly, was magical. The warmth from the sun earlier in that day was amazing, it kept my skin feeling nourished and my spirit feeling alive. The run itself went well, I ran the best time this season by a country mile and I felt grrrrrreat!

perfect sportswear for springperfect sportswear for spring

I've been a lucky girl lately and have got my sticky paws on some new sportswear, hurrah! I always feel more motivated and inspired when I wear new kit, it somehow makes that difference and puts more of a spring in my step. My collection is mostly black with a dose of pink (and I don't even really like pink all that much) so I'm over the moon to wear this green muscle tee over my blue American Apparel sports bra top which is such a cheerful colour combination! I also like a cosy cover up to wear in spring to keep me toasty 'til I warm up so I went for a neutral heather grey shade in this American Apparel fleece cropped sweater which is perfect.

perfect sportswear for spring

If you want to get some great value sportswear to pep you up this spring then Buytshirtsonline have a good choice at great prices too. A big thanks for being sent these items, all opinions my own.

I have so much more to tell you but I've run out of time so it will have to wait for another post.

Take care,


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Amazing local Norfolk artist | Amelia Bowman

mug of steaming coffee

Now this is a sight for sore eyes, a much longed for weekend treat. Sitting down on the sofa with a steaming mug of coffee, a scented candle burning and my latest assortment of books. The prospect of curling up under a blanket and having a good read is sheer bliss. Chris consults the Allotment Month by Month book as his bible for all things allotment based, it's a really good resource. The two others are recommendations I have procured for myself and intend to work my way through in the fullness of time.

This fabulous mug features artwork from local Norfolk artist Amelia Bowman who I have recently discovered and fallen in love with her style! Amelia creates collagraphs (which take their name from 'collages') which are beautiful designs created on a rigid surface and rolled through a print press, of course it is far more technical than that but you get the idea.

What I adore about Amelia's designs is that she has captured scenes from Norfolk which are familiar as well as further afield which she then produces in limited editions in her different patterns. If you notice the titles have the prevailing pattern in brackets. I'm pleased to share with you a small selection of pieces with you


Beach Huts (Ixia)


Cley Windmill (Clover)


London Skyline (Floribunda)


Wells Harbour (Anemone)






Low Tide



I spent ages admiring the amazing range of patterns, oh my gosh, they are so pretty! I can't help thinking they would make for fabulous wallpaper or curtains, what do you think? My favourites are 50's Hydrangea, Daisy Daisy, Bobble Tree, Morris leaves and Folk Flower but they are all unique, what is your favourite? I'd love to know.

Amelia Bowman has an etsy shop selling a selection of prints, posters, mugs and tote bags and a range of stockists but for any enquiries you can contact Amelia direct.

I don't know about you but I'm looking to add to my collection!


Thank you to Amelia Bowman for sending me the mug (and a tote bag, not pictured). All opinions my own.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Drink in the sunset


Drink in the sunset, let it sink through your skin, absorb it's warmth. Let it run through your veins and fill you up with it's radiance and filter through to every pore.


Monday, 23 March 2015



I thought about using some words about a daffodil from someone else but it didn't feel right. So here are few of my own.


They herald the start of spring, those yellow faces of joy,

The delicate petals of jaundiced skin, the cheery colour to enjoy.

In neat clusters they gather on banks quite out of the blue ,

To brighten the landscape with their pale golden hue.


Daffodils hold a special space in my heart.