Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The nature of summer 1


We've been out and about in the sunshine this weekend; it felt like high summer. The hot weather and true feeling of everything being at it's most prime for the season. I took so many photographs that I'm not going to pick a small selection from the hundreds taken, instead I'll just share the ones I like as I come across them. This is the first small batch, just to kick-start the process.

There are quite a few posts I have material for at the moment; fashion, photography, updates and food so it's an exciting time for me, knowing that I've got lots to share and explore.

Enjoy your summer too,


Monday, 3 August 2015

The white lace dress wishes are made of

white lace boho dresswhite lace boho dresswhite lace boho dresswhite lace boho dressShoe Zone Lilley chelsea ankle bootslace6

Ah, summer. Finally the right day came to wear my venerated white lace dress one that I bought in winter and have been peering at longingly ever since. It's a funny one; ¾ length sleeves and a short, lined dress which has to be worn on a warm day but definitely not a scorcher. The right day came about on Saturday, a mix of sunshine and white fluffy clouds with a light intermittent breeze to gently blow through my hair. All I needed was a small floral crown, some clinky jewellery (including my gorgeous necklace that just seems to work perfectly with so many pieces) and a good pair of ankle boots.

I'm really impressed with these brown chelsea boots from Shoe Zone. They fit really well and are super comfortable; I wore them all day and again yesterday too. You can't beat a practical pair of ankle boots and these brown Lilley boots are ideal for summer walks and of course, festivals! I think this boho outfit would be perfect for a day out at a festival this summer and one which I'd be wearing to spend a day chilling out with live music under the bright blue skies.

Have a wonderful day,


Many thanks to Shoe Zone for sending me these fab boots to review!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Latitude festival 2015 Part 2

Latitude 2015

We pick up the tale on Friday morning when I awoke with distinctly stuff shoulders in a rather stuffy tent. After a hurried wet-wipe wash and |I'd pulled on some clean clothes a hasty exit was made into the fresh morning air. We soon felt revived after a coffee and set off in search of a bacon butty (which was to become our staple breakfast for our stay.... with varying degrees of pleasure in the way the bacon was cooked).

There is just so much going on at once that it's inevitable you will miss a few things you really want to see. Hazel bought a program book, it really was a book! We scoured the timetable for things that took our fancy and each day highlighted a few things to try to get along to see. Throughout the weekend I had about 4 things that I particularly wanted to see and the rest of the time was up for grabs; just enjoying the time in good company with some live entertainment.


It turns out that there is almost always something great going on in the Comedy and Cabaret areas; we saw loads of amusing people (mostly stand up acts) who really made me laugh. I cried with laughter at Alan Davies, he was hilarious. I'm very much a laugher, I love to be entertained and watching so many funny people was an absolute treat which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The weather for the entire weekend was unbelievably good. Warm and sunny every single day, temperatures at a perfect level with a cooling soft breeze to maintain a comfortable equilibrium. We neither burned, nor froze. Naturally we applied sun cream each day and I usually carried a jumper just in case (which also came in handy for sitting on sometimes). The blue skies say it all really. Some mornings it was cloudy to start off with and on the Sunday morning it rained on and off for a while between about 6 and 9 am which meant my vacation of the tent was delayed.


I was particularly grateful we brought along our camping stove and kettle so we could feed our coffee habit relatively cheaply on Azera (not quite as nice as our Dolce Gusto machine we have spoilt ourselves with at home) and chairs. It made for a rather Royal experience to neither stand nor sit on the floor and instead have a wonderful seat take my weight.

A pint of almost cold cider was relished on rather a few occasions. Somersby. Would recommend for all sweet toothed drinkers. I also tried to stay hydrated with plenty of water and fuelled with plenty of food. We tried to eat a variety of things on offer. My favourite being pie and mash then second favourite was pizza. Oh yum.



The Lake stage was a dark horse for music; being quite small and pretty much just part of the food wagon line up it was quite nonchalant in appearance but I enjoyed every single act we had the fortune to catch playing. Varying Rae Morris (who had a beautiful voice and we saw most of her set) we arrived at the Lake stage in time to catch the last two songs of each act before they scuttled off, never to return.

The BBC 6 Music tent was huge. Enormous. I insisted we went in for Wolf Alice. It was awesome except mother nature called loudly and I announced with no uncertainty that I had to pee NOW. Sadly, I caught my most favourite track with a lot of added reverb inside a portaloo but I guess I'll remember it at least. I kinda sung along. Catfish and the Bottlemen was another of the acts I wanted to see in the tent and they didn't disappoint. On the whole the atmosphere was pretty good; music too loud, bit hot in there but always a few idiots who think they're special enough to shove their way through a tightly packed crowd to get nearer the front (cue me repeatedly saying SERIOUSLY?)

I can't believe I'm nowhere near wrapping this up yet, there will be at least another part in the Latitude saga, stay tuned!


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mid summer at the allotment


It's been a while since I did an allotment update, although time has flown by. As I don't get down there a fraction as much as C the plot tends to look quite different every time I do put in an appearance. That 'everything's shot up' moment happened on the Monday we got back from Latitude when I suggested we needed a few hours down there to get things back under control. Suddenly there was three times the amount of greenery on the plants we were growing as well as a large number of weeds. I was on weeding duty, of course. I took before and after pictures (not all shown) but the first shot is before which is why it looks so weedy and horrid! Also, it went from blue skies and sunny to black clouds so a couple of pictures look from a totally day.

The strawberry boom has finally finished. We have two bags in the freezer for making into jam at some point in the future. Apparently the first few raspberries are starting to ripen now so I'm looking forward to them. I'd got rather used to eating a huge portion of soft fruit on a daily basis...

The courgettes have been going great guns, too much so in fact. Our courgettes look like giant marrows and there are many of them which has led to me being somewhat creative in using it up, post of this to come maybe. The turnips have been lovely, I don't think I've really eaten many before but they have a lovely taste and have grown well. The beetroots are ready now too and I'm looking forward to trying ours. We've had a few of our potatoes too which I've enjoyed.

As a first, our cauliflowers have grown up without getting annihilated by wildlife and lurgies which has been brilliant although they are generally quite gritty and bug filled so I'm not a massive fan of them coming into the kitchen before being prepped. The broccoli seem to be fronding but without a big bushy head so we've taken snippets and eaten them. I think the runner beans and broad beans are looking like they'll be ready soon (not a massive fan of these) and the sweet corn are coming along nicely.

I'm pleased with how it's going so far.