Thursday, 27 November 2014

Doggy Christmas Wishlist | Staffie in the Sticks

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Christmas wishlists are everywhere at the moment and while I'm not so fussed about myself, Lincoln has been pondering what he's asking Santa for this year.

Last year we got Linky a doggy chocolate advent calendar so that we all had something to open each morning, it was really sweet actually and I hope we can get him another for this December.

What would Lincoln like to find in his stocking on Christmas morning?

He says he wants TREATS! There are plenty of tasty morsels that he takes a fancy to but it's specific dog treats that suit him best as they're safe to eat and especially tasty. While the chocolate bar for dogs is making him happy, the Wagg Tasty Bones have really got his attention. I'll be honest, I don't really understand why people would want to feed their dog faux-chocolate (real chocolate is poisonous for dogs, they should not ever eat it) when surely something meaty flavoured would be more desired? Who knows.

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Something that I always overlook about Lincoln is that he's never understood how to play with toys. We got him from a rescue centre aged 3, 18 months ago and he' always been the same; never knowing how to play games. While he'd clearly been taught obedience basics, the concept of fetch and playing with toys is lost on him. This squeaky sweet shop sweetie bottle certainly made him stop and stare, bark at and sniff but he's not actually picked it up let alone chewed (which is just as well or I suspect he's get carried away pretty quick). This lobber space hopper toy equally got his attention but he hasn't picked it up yet

Staffie Christmas wishlistStaffie Christmas wishlistStaffie Christmas wishlist


The main thing Linky wants is a new bed and while this quilted mattress is soft and comfy, it is a little bit small for his main bed, he likes to cosy up with it on his own armchair (it keeps him off the sofa sometimes).

Staffie Christmas wishlist

Of course what a pet will value most at Christmastime, especially in the cold weather, is a roof over their head, a place in a warm and loving home. There are no more deserving candidates for getting their wish come true than dogs in rescue centres. If you're considering a pet as a present – please be responsible and wait until after Christmas and make a well researched choice, not just bringing home a cute puppy.

Thanks to Feedem Pet Supplies and Pet Supermarket for sending Lincoln some early Christmas presents, he was genuinely really excited about his goodies! I've had a good browse on the site and the prices are REALLY good, his usual food is cheaper than we've found it anywhere else – he eats Skinner's Field and Trial Maintenance and there is free delivery if you spend over £39 or £4.99 delivery if under which still works out well if you're buying a few bits as the prices are so keen. I'm really impressed.

What is your pet asking Santa for this year? And have you tried Feedem? (I would).


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Foodbox in review | Degustabox October 2014

Degustabox October 2014 Review

Later than planned but this is my review of the October Degustbox! So what did we get?

Kent's Kitchen Meal Kit – We got the Bengal kit and haven't used it yet but I do love using this kind of kit. We'll use it when we've got some chicken from the butchers.

Blue Dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce – This is not something we have cause to use all that often but C has convinced me he needs to buy tempura prawns to try this out so it'll be opened soon.

Special K cracker crisps – In BBQ flavour, de-licious. I was confused that this was classified as a sharing bag as there weren't all that many in there and we woofed them down in no time at all. I really enjoyed these and would want them again.

Degustabox October 2014 Review

Enhance – Apparently you get 32 drinks out of this little pot, but if you ask me they would have to be thimbles. I found I needed quite a lot to give any flavour (and I do drink weak drinks). The flavour of apple and blackcurrant was pleasant once I made it strong enough.

Get buzzing bars – I received the nut one and wasn't that keen on trying it but when hunger struck and this was the only thing available I gave it a try. It turned out to be really enjoyable; compressed chopped nuts which fall apart in your mouth (it's not toothbreaker) and even the taste was nice. What's become of me?

Solo marshmallow – WINNER! Oh I was mighty excited to see this in the box, the toasted fudge flavour was heavenly. I'm not using this in a recipe- not on your nelly, it's being eeked out a teaspoonful at a time for maximum pleasure.

Bear Paws – They might be healthy and wholesome but they're not exciting and I wont be buying any more.

Degustabox October 2014 Review

Brioche Pasquier sliced brioche loaf – I wish I'd never discovered BP because it's the most tempting thing to reach for on every occasion I'm feeling peckish. The loaf was cause for confusion and I didn't know what to do with it other than eat a slice at a time, which worked nicely.

Brioche Pasquier pain au lait choc chips – I thought the fact that the chips were dark chocolate would slow my rate of consumption on these; alas not. They are just too good for their own good.

Jelly Belly jelly beans – I had to veto unauthorised 'helping yourself' on these as C would have nobbled all the watermelon beans upon first go and then the rest of them to follow. We love Jelly Belly beans and only have them as a rare treat so it was joyous to find a pack in the box.

Dr Oetker dark cocoa powder – not going to use it.

Dr Oetker premium 90% dark chocolate – C ate it but wasn't all that impressed.

Degustabox October 2014 Review

Benecol yogurt – We haven't got round to finding this at the supermarket and doubt we'll bother.

Bear Alphabites – The selling point of these is precisely why I don't fancy trying them; no refined sugar or salt makes them sound rather untasty to me so I'll just leave them until I've run out of everything that I do like!

Well overall I was impressed with October's box; loads of products and plenty that we really enjoyed as well as a couple of misses. November's will be arriving soon and I'll try to munch my way through it slightly faster and post my review in better time!

If you fancy getting yourself a Degustabox to fast on then by all means use my discount code! It's 83M9K and that gets you a £3 discount when registering, neat!


Monday, 24 November 2014

Maiden voyage

Asos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dressAsos monochrome shirt dress

It's not often I buy new-new clothes, except if I find something that I adore too much to ignore or perhaps if I have a voucher given to me then I have a peruse until I find something that tickles my fancy. It was the voucher-induced browsing that lead me to this beauty from Asos which I absolutely adore. Naturally, it was a while ago so it's now out of stock but this monochrome embroidery shirt dress was something that really caught my eye and called my name in no uncertain voice.

Remember I casually mentioned my adoration for all things black? Well black and white still counts as black in my head. I can't get enough of the white cuffs and embroidered shoulders with the collar, it's perfect with black tights and my buckled boots which conjures up pictures of a Victorian maid inspired outfit in my mind.

I'm rather taken with my new thing of wearing red lipstick, I've got a few different shades which I'll share at some point and it's a lip based revelation to me. That and eyeliner. Who knows, beauty blogging may be the way forward...? No, it's not.

Take care,


Friday, 21 November 2014

Just a girl in the countryside

sixties floral tunic dresssixties floral tunic dresssixties floral tunic dress

I am who I am.

Lately, I've been thinking more about my time of sharing on here, almost four years of it now which seems like a long time in the scheme of things. So much has changed since day 1 of course; I have a much clearer idea of what interests me enough to share here, what I want from my photography and my personal style is ever changing.

For the first couple of years there were loads of you leaving comments; 10-20 was quite usual every day and I would drop by your blogs too and comment. It was fun and I read so much. Over the last couple of years commenting seems to have become rarer and rarer, even when I used to visit loads of new blogs I would never get any responses. The past year I've continued to read my favourite blogs and keep up with them the best I can, though I really ought to let people know my thoughts more often. I know that any comments I get here are pretty precious and it's lovely to hear that people have read my posts or enjoyed them.

I've also sponsored a few blogs in the past which was not all that successful. If you found me through one of my sponsorships then hello and thank you but there was little point in going through each rigmarole. Going forwards I've decided to just focus on doing what is of most interest; blogging itself. It seems to be a fulfilling affair to pick the best photographs and lay down my words. The best reward is that any of you drop by here because you want to, because you enjoy it. If that only means a couple of you actually visit then so be it but I'm only doing what makes me happy.

I'm just a girl in the countryside.