Friday, 30 January 2015

All is forgiven

girl standing in the reeds on riverbank

girl standing in the reeds on riverbankgirl standing in the reeds on riverbank

Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean with regrettable frequency) I feel bloated which rules out any dresses which nip in at the waist. That whole trend was one I steered round as best I could although for a little while I dropped my guard and found a couple of skater dresses in my wardrobe. Back to right now though and this vintage dress is perfect for feeling comfortable; the bust is fitted but it's all loose after that and finishes just above my knee which in my book renders it a highly practical option suitable for every occasion. I've worn in with my super-cosy coral top and thermal black tights and boots but I think equally it could be dressed up with a lace top underneath and a nice pair of heels. It's an unusual combination of gold and burgundy houndstooth with two shiny gold buttons and made of fairly heavy material.

I found this lovely necklace, long forgotten to add some bling, plus with a stack of bracelets and rings. Two new additions are the green ones, recent finds from Sue Ryder.

The weekend has been a long time coming this week, I'm more than ready. Have a great one!


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ever decreasing circles


It tends to be especially at this time of year that I find that life can start to spiral into ever decreasing circles; from places I go to meals I eat. I blame the slim timeframe of 'daytime' and low motivation to go out and push myself. It's far easier to sink back into old habits and avoid the unfamiliar. We stay indoors in the hours of dark, eat all manner of stodge just to keep happy and appear to be on a bit of elastic to places we like, without wanting to venture too far or anywhere new.

The pattern is hard to break an only feels possible in the spring sunshine when suddenly change just seems 'right' and almost inevitable. I'm sure that time is just around the corner.


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A new favourite | Eles clothing

Eles clothing review seventies tunic and knee bootsEles clothing review seventies tunic and knee bootsEles clothing review seventies tunic and knee bootsEles clothing review seventies tunic and knee bootsEles clothing review seventies tunic and knee bootsEles clothing review seventies tunic and knee boots

I often refer to clothes as being a hobby, much to the confusion of others. One of my favourite things is finding a new look that I can wear and feel is 'mine'. Now, THIS is a look I can embrace, it feels reassuringly comfortable, seventies-ish (I count wearing my hair down as seventies-ish so by that ruling I can call anything I like a bit seventies-y).

When I found these knee boots in a charity shop a few weeks ago I was gleeful and bought them regardless of the fact they are a little loose. Contrary to expectations I made it to and from the pub in them (walking in the dark) unscathed so they're not that impractical.

I am in love with this orange jumper from tunic from Eles clothing which I'm wearing as a tunic with the aid of a top underneath and a thick pair of leggings. It is such a bold, bright colour which is a joy to wear and something I will reach for in spring, although I think it's pretty darn awesome with dark leggings, tall boots and stacks of jewellery. Last but not least, it's a welcome return for my tapestry bag, an old favourite that I had completely forgotten about until lately!

Have you discovered a whole new look that you instantly feel at home in?

Thanks to Eles clothing for sending me the jumper to review!


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I’m blue | The waiting game

Januay blues

Listen up, here's a story about a little guy who lives in a blue world.

And all day and all night everything he just sees is just blue like him, inside and outside.

Blue his house with a blue little window and a blue corvette and everything is just blue for him and himself and everybody around, 'cause he ain't got nobody to listen to.

You hear about the January blues all the time in winter; it seems to be socially acceptable to share gloomy feelings at this time of year. Even the jolliest of people can get sucked into the abyss of mid winter.

The endless hours of darkness stretch on; waking up in pitch black, driving home on dark roads and feeling like it's constantly time to hibernate.

The decay of leaves and weeds, bare branches and mud.

The biting cold, the wind that chills you to the bone, the ice, the snow, the hail.

The comedown after the Christmas and new year celebrations.

I have a blue house with a blue window. Blue is the colour of all that I wear. Blue are the streets nd all the trees are too. I have a girlfriend and she is so blue. Blue are the people here that walk around. Blue like my corvette, it's in and outside. Blue are the words I say and what I think.

Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

I'm blue.

You know what? It's going to get better. January is always a tough slog but spring is on it's way, there are hints and whispers of better times ahead, let's just play the waiting game.


Lyrics from Eiffel 65, if you aren't familiar with the track, firstly, WHY? And secondly, go give it a listen.