Friday, 28 August 2015

One way to brighten a week or two

Blossoming Gifts Summer Bouquet
The last few weeks have been a somewhat miserable few it has to be said. It started with my grandmother thinking she was on the way out (false alarm) calling me just after 6am in a state so I spent a draining day making sure she was ok, which for someone who is by no means a natural carer, is exhausting.
Then I got struck down myself, thinking I had a kidney infection (I didn't, turns out my kidneys are not where I initially thought which is mildly embarrassing) which actually turned out to be a back ache which poleaxed me more than I would have possible really. After spending a day at home in a considerable amount of discomfort then a verging on miraculous recovery overnight I didn't know what to think.
The first day back at work was something of a reluctance, still feeling quite tired and miserable but my spirits were lifted when I received flowers by post. Even the postman was excited! He naturally assumed they were a surprise so I congenially played along with feigned shock that the were for me. Well, who wouldn't?!
Blossoming Gifts Summer Bouquet
The flower delivery from Blossoming Gifts was the best thing to happen midweek. I was excited to get into the neatly packaged box; the bouquet was really well protected and had a nifty wet/dry sheath to the stems to ensure they didn't dry out during transit but equally didn't flood the box. I didn't know which vase to use to display them so I prepped two and in fact had to use the larger of the two as there was a larger bouquet than it originally looked like (due to being arranged by someone who clearly knows what they're doing). I was delighted to find so many lilies amongst roses and more flowers (which I assumed were gerberas but I'm thinking now that they're not) plus a generous mix of greenery and almost daisy-like sprays.
The lowlight of the past weeks started at 4am on Monday morning when C started getting super ill with a vengeance. I spent the day checking on him and holding up glasses of water and cranberry juice for him to drink and checking he was still conscious (the kind lady at 111 really put the wind up me with her chilling advice at 6:30am of 'if he starts fitting or loses consciousness call 999 immediately'). So it was a worrying day, which fortunately was followed by a much less stressful Tuesday.
Blossoming Gifts Summer BouquetBlossoming Gifts Summer Bouquet
It's been a delight every time I pass the vase full of flowers, it looks so cheerful and smells heavenly that it distracted me in a most welcome way. My bouquet is called 'Summer garden' and it's a mix of gorgeous oranges and peaches which makes my heart sing.
I'm a fan of buying cheap flowers and love to treat myself once in a while, a pretty display in a vase is uplifting every time I set eyes on it. It works wonderfully as a gift from a loved one of as a gift straight to yourself.
Massive thank you to Blossoming Gifts for making my days so much brighter by sending me this gorgeous bouquet to review. Nine days in and it's still looking pretty.

Get yourself a whopper of a discount with my code BGIFTS33 which gets you 33% off a bouquet (except the flowers by post range). Let's call it a gift from me to you xx

Thursday, 27 August 2015

A country girl | Country Attire

Country Attire review. What to wear in the countrysideCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countrysideCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countryside

I'm a girl in love with the countryside, it's where I belong. It's my home.

The golden fields of wheat are now being harvested at a rate of knots, the last few remain and I'm making the most of every remaining crop I catch sight of. The bushy ears are reluctantly giving way to the shorn stubble ready for ploughing and another facelift which is sad in a way, I'm not ready to wave goodbye to summer just yet...

Country Attire review. What to wear in the countryside. Perfect Joules satchelCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countryside

I'm always confused when people wear the most boring clothes while out and about in the countryside. There is no need! You can dress exactly how you want, there are no rules. I'm a believer in dressing yourself happy; a flowing skirt or a pretty dress can completely change your mood (and it beats wearing shapeless trousers any day of the week). I'm a country girl and I shall dress as I please. My latest discovery is the most exciting brand for me (ever) Country Attire who specialise in fabulous clothing for the countryside. Both practical and gorgeously chic clothing, a great range of stock to suit a whole host of budgets. I'm impressed! So many high quality names I'm familiar with and a few new introductions to boot. I'm lusting after most of the pieces they have for the new season. I can't stop thinking about the new pieces in for Autumn it's got my mind whirring for some wonderful new outfits for the cooler days.

Country Attire review. What to wear in the countrysideCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countryside

Today I chose a pleated midi skirt and a loose cotton top along with the most amazingly high quality shoes I have ever worn (or ever been allowed to touch come to that). These Grenson Joanie tan leather brogues are perfect for wearing with skirts or shorts and come Autumn, I'm thinking a pair of jeans and/or smart trousers with a neat turn-up and a chunky knit jumper or long socks and a pinafore.

Country Attire review. Perfect tan brogues Grenson shoes

How dreamy is this perfect cross body bag from Joules? It's going to be a staple on my days out; a good size without being too chunky, I can fit all my must-haves in plus a couple of extras and wear it comfortably, you can't beat a crossover bag for comfort and practicality when you have a few things to carry with you. The quality is really high so I'm happily looking forward to using it for years to come!

Country Attire review. What to wear in the countrysideCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countrysideCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countrysideCountry Attire review. What to wear in the countryside

Are you a countryside lover like me? I hope you check out County Attire because they will revolutionise your wardrobe, I know I can't resist.


This is a collaboration post with Country Attire, all opinions my own as always

Friday, 21 August 2015

My photography aim


It's a special thing to capture a moment in a way that feels like a true representation of how it felt to be there at that precise point in time. My photography goal is to be able to set down in a series of pictures exactly how I saw things. I'm a believer of taking in the absolute joy and wondrousness of everything nature has on offer. The ordinary is not ordinary. It might happen every day, every single day, but it is far from mundane. Everything is special and magical and amazing. I desperately want to be able to recreate in images how I'm seeing everything. Taking one stand alone photograph to put on a wall in a gallery is of little importance to me; I don't go out looking to take 'the' picture. I go out with the aim of capturing the absolutely fascinating way that things just are.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

The magic of sunset at the beach

magical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolkmagical beach at sunset wells Norfolk

The sun yawns and stretches, tired eyes blinking slower until it admits defeat and steadily winds it's way towards bed; the welcoming duvet of the horizon proving too much of a draw to resist. It slips under slowly at first before vanishing altogether leaving a fading glow in it's wake.

Warm sands; your silky, micro grains flow under my toes like liquid yet stop and crunch with the strength of granite. Granules ranging from micro pebbles to fine dust cover the beach, the gentle tide laps the shoreline with it's celestial pull leaving curious ridges in the wet sand. The gleaming abdominals ripple their way to the water and vanish below the surface, dissolving into nothing.

The light easterly breeze blows almost intangibly but enough to lift the finest grains of sand and carry them along the beach like a mirage of a river flowing around ankles, an invisible current drawing the dust off to the west. Loose flowing skirts swish and brush against warm skin in the tropical air.

The last of the sunrays catching the particles which sparkle and glitter just to add to the magic.