Friday, 25 July 2014

Echo beach, far away in time


On a silent summer evening
The sky's alive with light
Building in the distance
Surrealistic sight
On Echo Beach
Waves make the only sound
On Echo Beach
There's not a soul around

- Martha and the muffins


The only thing that helps pass the time away
Is knowing I'll be back at Echo Beach some day


Thursday, 24 July 2014

What we saw on our walks

thistles at sunsetripe wheat croppurple sunset

In the interest of squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of summer we've delighted in taking lots of walks out in the countryside both with and without little Lincoln. Unfortunately, the hot humid weather doesn't agree with him (and every other dog, ever) so he can't come out for walkies with us as often as he might like. Nevertheless, we've got out and about with great frequency and already have seen some beautiful sunsets along with plenty of wildlife we'd not had the luck to spot before.

weeds at sunsetcrows in stubble field

As is the way, you tend to see all the exciting things when you've decided in your wisdom that it's too dingy for taking photographs so have to make do with making memories only.

You all know how much love I have for the fields of crops, sunsets, wildflowers and anything generally along those lines. 

cute baby hedgehog

This very small hedgehog, which in my expert opinion is probably a baby was being coo-ed over by a little girl and her father who had stopped their car on the country lane and got out to take a closer look. It was very sweet.

crows in stubble fieldripening wheat cropcat

I'll let the cat enthusiasts amongst you tell me just what kind this one is. 

Have a fabulous time on this hot, sunny day. Make the most of it <3


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summertime, and the livin' is easy

girl standing in poppy fieldgirl in wild flower fieldgirl standing in wild flowers

I can't describe just what summer means to me; the sunshine, flora and fauna is so inspiring. They make my heart swell, put a spring in my step and make me beam with happiness.

The sunshine is like a drug, I feel quite literally high as a kite and there is no coming down, I can't get enough and skip through the days with so much joy in my heart.

Quite honestly summer is my raison d'etre, it's something I long for all winter, yearn for. My heart beats for the long hot days, the sleepless nights, the heatwaves that ripple across roads and fields. The trees that hum with the buzz of insects, the fields of golden crops that sway in the odd breeze, the daisies in the grass.

Johnny Loves Rosie Summertime floral crowngirl wearing floral crown in field

Don't even get me started on wildflowers, I get a little bit squealy and over excited. It's like finding money dropped in the street.

girl with flowers in her hair in meadow

This sun dress is one from ASOS a couple of years ago that to me just shouts summertime and the pockets make it practical, the print and frills make it perfect for everything and the elasticated waist only ever flatters. The conservative length makes it ideal for everything from an afternoon garden party to an afternoon of gardening. Can I just hold my hands up right here, right now and admit being a total shoe bore? These brown leather ankle boots have barely left my tootsies since picking them up at a yard sale a few weeks ago for a single pound. This tassled brown bag has also been pretty much glued to my shoulder since we entered BST too, what a fab blog giveaway win, thanks to Laura from A Daisychain Dream a couple of years ago. Owl necklace from Select originally.

dloral dress in a wildflower fieldSophie in the Sticks

This Johnny Loves Rosie 'Summertime orchid floral garland crown headband has to be my ultimate floral crown for this summer, plenty of flowers, colours and sizes. I love it so much but Norfolk perhaps isn't ready for it. While we were taking these shots an old guy on  bike cycled past on the lane and was staring the whole time, I tried not to look at him but had to laugh as he went by. Chris mentioned it looked like I'd fallen headfirst into a flowerbed, which made me roar with laughter. So bloody what, it's so cheerful and makes me feel like I'm fully embracing the season.

Summer is everything to me. What does it mean to you?


Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunset beach walk at Wells-Next-The-Sea

sunset beachwhite sandSONY DSCWells Norfolk beach

Heading to the beach on a summer's evening is something of a rarity and a treat, with miles of sand pretty much to ourselves. The sunset left everything bathed in a gorgeous light and the breeze created a mist out of the swirling surface sand.


A slightly quiet post maybe, but it was more of a feeling than something I can really talk about. I hope you have a great week.