Thursday, 24 April 2014

Delimano Prima+ Italian cookware set giveaway!


Hello, what's this? A giveaway? Oh yes, you better believe it! Up for grabs is the Prima + Top set from Delimano which sounds like a high quality cooking set which I have to say I'm rather envious I'm not allowed to keep it myself. Non-stick cookware is something I really want to get my hands on as our pots and pans are a nightmare to clean after cooking certain dishes.

The set comprises:
1 x Delimano Medium Frying Pan, diameter 24cm
1 x Delimano Large Frying Pan, diameter 28cm With an ingenious heat sensor built into the handle that tells you when the pan is hot enough to cook with.
1 x Delimano Cooking Pot, diameter 20cm (4.5 litre)
1 x Delimano Wok, diameter 28cm
2 x Delimano Pyrex lid, diameter 20cm & 28cm With the glass cover you can keep an eye on the contents without lifting the lid. It saves energy, and reduces cooking times. Built in spoon rest!

The Italian made ceramic coated pans are suitable for use on electric, gas, glass-ceramic and halogen surfaces and retail a total of over £220 when bought separately (or £90 as a set). “Free from PTFE & PFOA, the ceramic coating offers an incredible non-stick cooking experience. Ideal for braising, roasting, boiling, frying, baking; the non-stick coating means only the tiniest splosh of oil is needed and makes for easy cleaning. The set benefits from ergonomic non-slip handles for ease of use.” Fancy winning? UK only I'm afraid! The set will be posted out to you directly from the supplier, the winner needs to pass on their contact details to me within 10 days or another winner will be redrawn. No 'competition' accounts, they will be deleted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Delimano for offering up this amazing prize, best of luck to you all!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Gift Swap

Easter Gift Swap

I recently took part in the Easter Gift Swap organised by the lovely Belle Du Brighton. I was to send a gift  to Diane from Nomad Seeks Home and this is what I sent her; Two matching polka dot and heart notebooks (they have that brilliant squared paper that for no particular reason excites me), a rather cute purse, a set of three sticky note blocks, two nail art kits and a selection of fruit teas.

Based on the information Diane provided I thought these should be what she would like (she asked for no edibles – so don’t think I was mean not sending her eaty treats!)


I ran out of jazzy wrap so opted for safe silver. The Gifts I received in pretty tissue wrap

Easter Gift Swap

I was sent a parcel from Katie of Hook Line and Sink Her which was accompanied by the sweetest card! I received: Haribo jelly bunnies and eggs, Cath Kidston rose soap, a fluffy chick, a friendship bracelet to use as bookmark, a yellow nail polish, ‘Chocolat ‘ the book and a lovely notebook too.I was so pleased with the amazing parcel I was sent and really grateful.

It’s great to take part in swaps and although I vow never to do it again because the postage costs are ridiculous I can’t resist signing up.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It was all yellow (with Sammydress)

polka dot maxi dresstoned arms in dressoil seed rape field

The yellow stuff, my favourite crop of them all; oil seed rape has the most phenomenally bright colour and never fails to lift my spirits. In terms of scent I would describe it as “sneeze” flavour, not everyone's cup of tea by all means but one which immediately morphs me back in time to pre-teens when I would hack around the countryside on ponies with my best friend. Ah, this crop certainly takes me to a happy place.

Sophie in the sticksoil seed rape closeSammydress polka dot dressSammydress keyhole necklineSammydress maxi dress

The dress....THE DRESS! It's a beauty, isn't it? The niftily titled Elegant Keyhole Neckline Polka Dot Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Dress from was one that caught my eye as being something so different with it's gathered neckline and flowing fabric.

I was a little worried that the 'one size' fitting would mean it wouldn't look right but the nature of how to wear the dress means that it will comfortably fit the smallest of frames up to at least a 12 for the same loose fit. It goes over the head, you tie the neck and belt up; the belt is completely loose so you can place wherever feels best which is great. I'm around 5'4 and the dress looks far shorter on me than the model but I quite like the length on me.

Norfolk oil seed rape field

Aside from the delicious frill to the neck, great shoulder reveal (not sure I've ever worn this style before but loving it), wonderful swoosh to the fabric there also happens to be the price £8.11 is the selling price (plus postage) and I can't really believe it! Perfect for daywear, evenings and occasions and as a beach cover-up too, it's pretty versatile and also comes in wine red. Everything else on their website is priced really low too, there are loads of pieces I have my eye already.

polka dot maxi dress skirtSophie in the sticks in a field

I went out solo to get these pictures a week ago, armed with the big lens, remote and tripod after earmarking this spot the day before. What I hadn't banked on was that to get the pictures I had in mind, I would have to be further away from the camera than the remote would work at. The old '10 second self timer' came into it's own, with me setting it, doing the 8 second dash and waiting for the shutter then head back to repeat. The exercise did keep me warm in the cool breeze so I guess all was not lost although I sincerely hope nobody saw me running back and forth like I was on a bit of elastic for the best part of 15 minutes by a field.

Dress & belt – Sammydress, sandals – TK Maxx, bag, bangles and ring – charity shop, sunglasses – forgotten already.

Fashion in a field

One of my favourite set of pictures in ages, I think everything just works. Are you a fan of the dress too?


Thanks to Sammydress for sending me this dress to review, all opinions my own as always

Monday, 21 April 2014

How Easter shaped up

toasted hot cross bun

I'll be honest, Easter to me is a rare luxury of 4 days off on the trot but little more. As I neither worship God nor chocolate there is just a treasured four day weekend with Chris and Lincoln to look forward to.

The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag but I mustn't really complain, hardly any rain and a few hours of sunshine with mild temperature although more of a breeze than preferable. We've not been overly busy yet at the same time I've found myself with plenty to share with you (coming soon, if I can ever get round to preparing posts!).

It's been a greedy weekend of course; a reckless purchase of two four-packs of hot cross buns was just asking for trouble, especially as Chris wont even eat them. Toasted is best in my opinion, with plenty of butter (ok, light spread shhhh).

Lazy; snuggles with my little possum Lincoln.

cuddles with dog

Munchy; steak sarnie, beef hash and funky bacon beans plus roast lamb. Snacks galore, don't even ask!

steak sarniebeef hash and beans

Lengthy dog walks for Lincoln (and me in the sun)

Selfie int he countrysideJpeg

Pub dinner and a few drinks although it was extremely quiet on Thursday considering most people would surely have the Friday off. Some drunk woman stopped me to compliment my dress but later appeared to be taking the mick, c'est la vie. I had a lollypop to keep me happy after the most succulent burger I've ever eaten. Mmmm.



Cooked breakfasts – food fit for a queen

cooked breakfastpeanut flavour malteasers

Best discovery ever goes to a Poundland purchase of these peanut butter flavour malteasers. Chris was so miffed I ate most of these, I'm just hoping I can stock up again.

Things have been getting rather exciting lately, topping 300 Bloglovin' followers and 10k comments on the blog (woah!). I have quite a few posts coming up that I'm feeling really good about including a super – exciting giveaway coming this week that you will not want to miss FOR SURE! Thank you to all the old faithfuls that have stuck around for years – ever supportive (you know who you are) and any newbies who have recently found me. I really can't express how grateful I am that you've dropped by.

Ok, so I did eat two little bars of chocolate. Shhh.


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