Meadow delights

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Give me an hour in the summer sunshine, dappled shade and gentle breeze. Let the bees go about their merry way and the swallows dart through the skies overhead while I lay back on the thick grass and watch the wispy clouds lazily drift across the blue horizon. Let this moment last forever with my heart full to the brim of happiness and the song of summer playing out on repeat in my ears. This joyous fruitbowl of life, overflowing, just enveloping every corner. 

 Above: I think it's common bird's-foot trefoil.

 Plenty of meadowsweet around (above) and what a gorgeous name.


 Heather in bloom.
 Above: I'm swaying towards agrimony but it could be wild mignonette.

 Above, too soon to tell? I think all the cockooflower is over so it's probably not that.
Below: is it lady's bedstraw?

 So many colours I hope there is some tufted vetch

 This one looks a bit like Willow Genetian and Nettle-leaved Bellflower, Clustered Bellflower.

So many lovely things to see lately.

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