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Friday, May 26, 2017

It's a bank holiday weekend here in England and in typical fashion the forecast includes rain. It's that time when people are itching to get their barbecue fired up in the sunshine yet things have a habit of turning miserable before the food is done. Ah! Three days off is not to be sneered at regardless of the forecast and there are plenty of fun things I have in mind to do. In fact if it does turn out to be rainy I'll feel no guilt in staying indoors for a few hours bubbling some rhubarb and ginger jam on the hob, baking a cake or perhaps making a start on a sewing project. I've almost finished my book too so I'm sure I'll reach the end rather soon anyway.
Outdoors wise there are always an infinite number of jobs to crack on with at the allotment, many of which are weeding (I am captain of weeding and I run a tight ship). Our back garden needs a little more tlc, with excess allotment plants destined for the newly weeded borders. While the masses head to the beach in the sunshine I hope we can find somewhere a little (or a lot) quieter to enjoy the pleasant weather and unwind.
Whatever you have in mind for your weekend I hope you have a wonderful time. If you are working then give yourself a pat on the back for putting up with the likes of me rubbing it in.
Take care,

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  1. All the yellow flowers here seem to have a little bug on them of some kind or another

  2. I just like the chance not to be at work! Not sure if we are going to head to Cardiff next week to visit the Doctor Who exhibition or Chris will veto it!

  3. I had lots of outdoor activities planned for this morning but it rained. A lot. Thunder, the works. I'm just waiting for the sun to dry everything up and then I'll be out there digging and planting :)


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