August butterfly spotting in Norfolk

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

As part of a slow, stealthy chase on Sunday I snapped quite a few butterflies so I've consolidated them into one convenient post with the fungi, wildflowers and outfit posts given their own time to shine, independently another time. Not bad for an hour's stroll? But there can be so much to see and enjoy. There are many reasons to take photographs and this year I've reiterated another to myself; to analyse and diagnose what I've seen. There are about four butterflies I can conclusively identify on sight and the rest benefit from a good few minutes scrutinising the pocket nature guide.  
Above, the peacock - once you know it then it's easily recognisable.

Above, looks like a speckled wood. Below, brimstone - I'm super excited about this one as I've not seen it before and it looks exactly like the one in the book.

Sadly a couple that look like they've been in the wars! Above, maybe a gatekeeper and below I'm really unsure.At first I assumed a comma but now I feel like some sort of fritillary.

Above, another speckled wood?

Above, maybe two gatekeepers. Below, small tortoiseshell. Pretty blue edging to the wings.

And finally the green-veined white.
My tactics for snapping shots include approaching slowly and on no account cast a shadow over your target or they'll be off and you won't have a hope!
I did see a beautiful blue one the weekend before last but that may surface another day.
Take care,

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