Enjoying the now

Friday, June 03, 2016

There has been a lot of talk about working towards goals or happiness or goodness knows what in the future all over the internet for so long. I'm all for working towards a destination, but it's important to enjoy the now. I mean, the right now. 

Over the bank holiday weekend we spent hours and hours down at the allotment, tending and toiling away. My priorities were the weeds; both in the main allotment and the fruit patch although I was most keen to spend time weeding the bays in between the fruit trees as I hadn't spent long on it since planting out the little flowers and bulbs and unfortunately the weeds had taken hold. Frankly, some of the bays were overrun with weeds and bore no signs of anything I'd put in but many of them were sowing good promise. Knowing I'd forget what I'd planted where, I left plenty of labels telling me what to expect. Some of the bays were empty of any plants; lost to the slugs and rabbits. I popped plenty more bulbs in to fill in the gaps.

While working my way through the bays, being ever so careful not to accidentally rip out any hidden plants, it occurred to me that my focus would be better spent on enjoying the fact my little plants are growing right at this very moment in time. If they never reach the flowering stage then it would be a shame but I shouldn't be just pinning my hopes on that final hurrah. The act of caring for them at all stages, from planting the seed, to seeing that first shoot and re-potting into larger pots should all be equally enjoyable. It's all available to make me happy if I let it.
So, for now, I'm most content with how my patch is looking. Little green shoots.

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