Evening walks on holiday in the Lake District

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evening walks in the Lake District

There's something great about being away which makes you throw the usual set of timings out the window. Dinner? Who needs to be cooking when you could be out walking down a winding country lane enjoying the last of the evening sun? The quiet, peaceful air calls you outside to perambulate and take in new sights and sounds. Certain magic lingers whilst on holiday, don't you think? It's exciting to go out in the last few hours of daylight and just relish in the last glowing rays of the sun.

Evening walks in the Lake DistrictEvening walks in the Lake DistrictEvening walks in the Lake DistrictEvening walks in the Lake DistrictEvening walks in the Lake District

The luxury of staying in a landscape far removed from that which we are used to is something I took great joy in. The view of far off mountains, dry stone walls and herds of sheep grazing is so far removed from our usual environment it just takes my breath away for a moment. Lake District, I think I love you.


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  1. Beautiful.
    I love the freedom of holidays when you can set your own timetable.


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