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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


You might have heard that there was a bit of a do going on in Norwich on Friday for East Anglian Bloggers. Much as I was looking forward to getting to meet so many local faces at a cocktail party I couldn't help feel somewhat irked that I wasn't going to be able to drink! We all know how often I go out socialising (once in a blue moon) so to say I was a bit apprehensive was a bit of an understatement. I knew that my longstanding blogging pal Hazel was going along (phew) and Jenny who I've really got to know recently but other than that I didn't really know anyone particularly. Me and Jenny rolled up together, it was great not to have to turn up alone! We soon bumped into Kim plus some more nervous looking ladies so got a little cluster going and Hazel joined us. 


Moi, Carly Rowena, a lovely lady who's name I have forgotten and Elly

How should I put this, I decided to have a bit of a go at meeting some people (and you can’t have a single mingle) so I made a thorough pest of myself and had a chat with as many people as I could that would put up with me. This is perhaps a strange tactic coming from someone who is in fact ridiculously shy. What can I say, it's all or nothing.


Thanks to Andrew Tenley for these two pictures!

Jenny is so much taller than I and doesn’t she look gorgeous in that pretty dress! She is the sweetest person ever, even more so than I expected. I do look a little shell shocked but the room was very dark and the flash was blindingly bright (oh yes, I blinked for one of the pictures). This is the only full length picture of my outfit though.


Dress – Topshop Rare (ebay), clutch – charity shop, shoes – ebay.


We snagged a goodie bag thanks to several local brands plus Tights Please as well as doing a bit of business card swapping. Being a very disorganised person I actually had to make some myself which turned out ok.


NYC 221 Spring Street - China Glaze 1008 Purple Panic (Neon)

I decided to add some colour to my otherwise rather shiny but dull outfit so I opted for both neon orange and purple just to make sure I covered all bases. I think I managed it.

Can we do it all again?

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