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Wednesday, September 04, 2013



Blouse – Vero Moda, shorts – ebay, boots – T K Maxx

Would you believe that I’ve let this blouse sit idle in the wardrobe all summer long? Quite daft really as it's the kind of floaty shape which is easy to wear plus a neutral colour and likely to go with loads of other pieces I own. I love the choir-esque beauty of what is essentially a simple blouse.

It sounds rather like I’ve got the rest of the week to wear the summery outfits in my wardrobe and then perhaps move on to more autumnal looks. I'll have to relocate all my jumpers and dig out my tights in preparation.

This week has been a tad unusual in that I went to a wedding yesterday afternoon (pictures to come) so today feels a bit like a Sunday or Monday instead of midweek which is rather disconcerting but fingers crossed I can pull myself together.

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  1. Great outfit - I love the shorts, they are so pretty! :)

  2. Love these shorts, I've been living in shorts and playsuits for the whole of camp and yet have not managed to do away with my welly tan lines.

  3. I love those shorts so much, you look great! x

  4. Ooh lovely blouse! I'm putting off switching my wardrobe until after our holiday in a few weeks so I don't have to dig for shorts, I did wear tights at the weekend though which was a bit of a shock!

  5. I love the shorts, the pattern is so bright and colourful! It goes so well with the blouse and I'm getting like you now- I have start looking for my Autumn clothes again soon as it's already getting overcast here in MK...I want the Summer to last longer it's been so nice! - Tasha xxx

  6. I love the shorts on you, they look fab x

  7. Cute blouse. I am refusing to think about autumn yet, I font feel I've worn summer clothes nearly enough yet...

  8. I really love this blouse, it is so unusual!

    Maria xxx

  9. You look awesome, I actually love that blouse! Also, your legs, holla!

  10. Those shorts are sooo cute :) and wow you have great legs! x

    The Style Picnic


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