Peanut butter squares

Saturday, September 28, 2013



It is quite rare for me to get my bake on these days, since my metabolism has slowed down and reality has weighed in meaning that I actually do put weight on when I eat like a pig. When I was searching through the cupboard for something last week I remembered the jar of peanut butter I had sitting in there looking a little despondent. As a nut-hater is does sound a bit odd but I rather like a bit of peanut butter every now and again, but since we now don't keep bread in the house anymore (we'll only eat it) the preferred peanut butter sandwich was out of the question. While flicking through Lorraine Pascale's Fast, Easy Food recipe book I stumbled upon this peanut butter squares idea and HAD to make them. I substituted the dark for milk chocolate which did make them delightfully sickly-sweet and they did turn out gooier than expected but MMMMMM. At first I thought there wasn't much there but it soon became apparent that there was way too much for me to eat alone (husband had a couple of pieces then announced they were too unhealthy to have any more). Thankfully my family of gannets came to the rescue and saved me from the imminent binge.
Do you have food that you don’t like yet sometimes really fancy or is this just me?

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