Sitting in the grass

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

sitting in the grass
The sun has got his hat on! I've been enjoying the weather for the last week and a bit; things are feeling so bright and full of promise again. The days are here when you can sit in the grass and savour the warmth and cheer all the season has to offer. Note my shirt as a cover up, no thick jumper in sight, something of a milestone this year!
Of course, I'm still transitioning my footwear at the moment. Last week I was (still) forced to wear my big sturdy boots so I could squelch my way through the mud on a favourite wander. I can't deny, I'm keen to pop something lighter on my feet and (heaven forbid) get my toes out! A pretty pair of ballet pumps or sandals would be perfect. Naturally, I'm likely to plump for a pair of flat sandals or light ankle boots for a good walk. Variety is the spice of life.
sitting in the grass
sitting in the grass
The sunshine just makes me smile!
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