The little changes

Friday, May 20, 2016

sycamore blossom
As a keen observer of the natural world, I relish the change of seasons. Spying something new or different is a joy and if at all possible I like to photograph things as I see them so that I have a visual record and reminder of how things looked. This tree (I'm hedging my bets with sycamore, but as we frequently see on this blog, I'm often wrong!!) has the most delightful dangling blossoms in green. I don't recall taking any pictures before and in the sunshine they look so fresh. It slightly reminds me of carnivals and festivals, a Chinese style hanging decoration...
I'm enjoying spring this year more than in the past. Instead of wishing time away to get to my beloved summer, I'm really embracing every single discovery and the sights each day brings.

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