What a day

Monday, May 02, 2016

Saturday, what a strange day it turned out to be. The morning was so bright; light flooded in to the house, near blinding us and leading me astray with my choice of layers for the day. I could have done with another layer (more on that tomorrow). In short the forecast was for rain in the afternoon but instead we got glorious sunshine which really made the scenery come to life.  

I much prefer my out-of-focus shot of this path.

A bee, a bee! And one I don't often see. A big nose probe. Exciting bee action.

I feel so lucky to be able to experience such days.

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  1. Such pretty shots with such soft pretty light :)

  2. Another nice set of photos ,the Bee is actually a Bee Fly,a strange looking insect with its furry body and patterned wings. The long proboscis is used for drinking nectar and the fly is totally harmless Scientific name: Bombyliidae, a great find .x

  3. Beautiful shots here Sophie, the way you've captured the light and shade here is just lovely, and great find with the bee fly there - the first one I ever saw was in Bath and it was sunning itself just like this one was - an exciting find indeed! - Tasha


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