Amongst the blossom and gorse

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

amongst the blossom and gorse
That hot weekend the one before last was the perfect opportunity to break out the summer dresses and head out into the sunshine. Upon laundering, I discovered that one of the straps on this dress has almost frayed through so it could have been a literal break out too. It's a sort-of vintage one, with a silk-cotton mix I think, which makes it feel delightful but also holds the creases something chronic.
amongst the blossom and gorse
In keeping with the change of seasonal feel, I wore my beloved Nova Silver honey bee necklace which is a favourite as well as my Pia bracelet and popping some roses in my hair for good measure. Socks and ankle boots as per summer standard.
amongst the blossom and gorse

amongst the blossom and gorse
amongst the blossom and gorse
Have you been out enjoying the sunny days?

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  1. Lovely photos Sophie - the gorse blossoms are so pretty! I love the flowers in your hair too, perfect for summer and I'm so glad we've had this recent spate of hot weather, it's been an instant booster! - Tasha


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