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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

blogger fitness update
Aha, an elusive fitness update. The good news is that I have been putting in a bit of effort lately. The last month or so I've been getting out and running 2-4 times a week and usually heading to a boot camp workout once a week. It still utterly confuses me how I've found myself in a position where I'm at my strongest ever but still increasing my fat content. I guess it just goes to show how taking your foot off the accelerator can have ramifications which are so hard to recover from. Currently, I weigh myself once a week just to keep tabs on things. If I suddenly start piling on the pounds I want to KNOW about it. Treading water is how I'd describe the situation at the moment. Exhaustingly neither breaking free, nor drowning in things. In an attempt at positivity I would applaud myself for putting in the time and energy into trying. Things could be worse. While I'd love to report that I'm getting back on track; losing the additional fat that's been creeping on, getting stronger and increasing my cardio.... it's not the case. But equally, I'm not letting negativity bring me down. I haven't thrown in the towel.
blogger fitness update
My days of running in races are most probably over. Running feels hard, so hard. Maybe it's all in my head. The important thing is that I hold on to the drive and motivation to keep going, to keep trying. Any little glint of improvement is to be cherished. I'm congratulating myself for completing runs, in the same way I'd applaud anyone else. Hurrah! Well done me. On to the next one.

I do keep mulling over the idea of getting myself under the thumb of a personal trainer. My character thrives under instruction. Getting told what I need to suits me well. In fact, I think that's the direction my active life has been missing. Unfortately, my schedule, lifestyle and location has meant that getting to a gym (regularly) is pretty much impossible. Hand on heart, I loathe group workouts. There is little that appeals less than having to make polite smalltalk with sweaty strangers and working with them in any format. Once I'm clad in an outfit with a significant amount of elastane it's down to business. I don't care what your name is or how many reps you're up to - please just stay away. I'd rather work alone. Solitary is my way, it's how I push myself. Go hard or go home, I don't care for politely holding back.

So how are things going? About the same, but that's an achievement in itself.

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