Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Just one little picture today as I dozed off when I had planned to get a little writing done. Taking a step back and realising when I'm too tired to do anything has been important to me in the last year. They say you can't burn the candle at both ends; I beg to differ. You can, but there will be repercussions at some point whether it will be right away or a long way down the road. I went through a few years of staying up too late and barely getting enough sleep. Even though much of the remainder of my lifestyle was healthy, the overall balance was wrong and it left me feeling tired all the time. These days I feel so much better for ensuring that I head to bed at the right time. Waking up feeling in a good mood and having plenty of energy to face the day with has been so much more rewarding. Evenings are always a bit of a compromise when juggling any kind of exercise, making dinner and maybe getting along to the allotment (often to pick things for dinner) and it's often gone 9 before we eat. Mostly it's just an hour of the tv on while I potter with blogging before turning in for the night, sometimes less. I started the year getting back into reading before bed but that has lapsed again for the moment. Maybe it will creep back into my routine once the dark evenings return and there is less draw to head outside.
I recognise the value of sleep.

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