Simplicity of flowers

Thursday, August 18, 2016

perfect simple flower display
This little display of flowers from the garden has warmed my heart since the weekend. There are quite a few plants in bloom at the moment, although I'm reluctant to harvest too many from any one in case I spoil the potential for continued flowering. Some of the stems are very short, like the marigold for example. It made sense to use these little glass vases (old oil reed diffuser bottles) and pop a single flower in each one, so I can enjoy the simplicity of each of the different ones.
As there are an abundance of these feathery asters, I didn't mind taking more of these and making a simple arrangement of alternating pale and bold pink flowers. They are lasting better than I had hoped which is heartening and even C has indicated he likes them.
perfect simple flower display
Do you prefer to see your flowers outside or like to pop them in a vase instead? I have to say that for me it's a balance of the two, but I adore even the smallest little flowery frond in the kitchen.

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  1. It is funny but just having one flower in a pot (or a few single ones) is much more up my street than being given a huge bunch. this, I could cope with!!!

  2. Sorry if this posts twice like some of my previous comments have,I don't know what I'm doing to make that happen.Sophie what a gorgeous photo and post,you are so creative,your writing yesterday was wonderful and the way you have done this is lovely.I bought my wife a small beautiful bud vase for single flowers but I also like to see them in the countryside too,what a lovely arrangement youve made.You are very talented and Chris is very lucky.x

  3. A balance would be lovely but I rarely grow flowers, we're very open to the elements here and I'm not sure flowers would thrive. I do like bunches but lots of smaller vases with a few flowers in also look lovely.
    You've inspired me to fill the house with flowers!

  4. I completely agree about balance - i love having fresh flowers in my room, especially sunflowers or lilies. However, nothing beats looking out my window to see my garden, or the lavender and bees in the front garden. So it's all balance! Flowers just make me happy :)

    Bumble and Be


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