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Monday, August 01, 2016

countryside fashion style blogger
Hola! It's been a gorgeous weekend here in Norfolk and I've been enjoying some quiet summer hours outdoors. We took a wander on Saturday afternoon when the sunshine was mostly absent. It didn't matter. The day was wonderful; clouds kept us cool as we strolled, then loomed threateningly overhead before we sought sanctuary back in the car. 
countryside fashion style blogger

countryside fashion style blogger
I don't know about you, but I get wound up with social media seeing the same old things. The lack of authenticity from some people is so apparent. Yes, I understand that many accounts are set up for money and they basically just write sponsored content back to back along with selfies to keep everyone interested. What I won't tolerate is anyone telling me that blogging as a hobby has no place anymore. Everyone is at liberty to read what they want and equally, write what they want.
Occasionally, I do feature products I've been sent, which I personally endorse enthusiastically. I decline things which not suit me, my style or blog.
countryside fashion style blogger
So many things I read feel distinctly staged or insincere. Of course, it's down to me to make some changes to ensure that I do feel good about what I engage with. In turn my mission is to stoically practice what I preach; stick to my beliefs and maintain a lifestyle which represents my values. Simplicity, not straying too far from my rural roots and seeking out the best in the season,
countryside fashion style blogger
I'm wearing one of my very most favourite easy to wear, summer dresses. It's a throw-on-and-go special. Worn this time with ankle boots, bracelets and a purple rose in my hair.
countryside fashion style blogger

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