Gone to seed

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Meadow gone to seed
Ghostly hues of whites and greys linger over the meadow which once bloomed in bold pink. How things change. Instead of neat little flowers hang fluffy fronds of seeds, wispy little wonders. The lightest breeze sets free tiny clumps at a time, sending them up into the sky; swirling and drifting in blatant disregard for gravity.
Meadow gone to seed
Something beautiful about the meadow in this moment.

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  1. The pictures and your words are stunning!! What a beautiful meadow. I love to walk through places like this, really clears my head!

  2. Rosebay and hairy willow herb are in that state at the moment all along the cycling path and in the park

  3. You always write so beautifully about the natural world Sophie and this is just another lovely example. I love the ghostly hues in these shots, and the softness to them is lovely. - Tasha


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