A return to the scene

Thursday, April 20, 2017

In yesterday's post I shared pictures of the oil seed rape fields and talked about how the scent brings back childhood memories. In a freak co-incidence the day took me back to the exact spot that I imagine in my mind's eye when I smell that fragrance. How incredibly unexpected, considering I hadn't been there for the best part of 17 years. Sure enough, within half a mile I spied a striking yellow crop so I wound down the windows to let in the full strength of stink. My face broke into such a smile and I'm glad I didn't encounter anyone else to interrupt my moment of bliss.
How curious life can be.

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  1. Perfect. I opened the door when my Dad arrived last night to hear the music he was playing in the car - Simon and Garfunkel - it took me back years! I love it when those unexpected moments happen xx

  2. Ah, the mind's eye really is best in the bliss of solitude!

  3. I can't bear it when I'm out running, it is so thick and cloying it makes it hard to breathe


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