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Monday, April 24, 2017

fashion blogger in yellow field in spring
Bare arms! How refreshing it is to shun a jumper once again. My wardrobe is in flux; with my excitement to delve back into forgotten favourites of summer yet adamant refusal to part with thermal tights any time soon. It's dipping back into frosty nights this week - I'd be unwise to ditch the vests and cosy knits just yet.

fashion blogger in yellow field in spring
However, wildflowers are out in the countryside so its a-ok to wear flowers in my hair. Is there anything more cheerful? I doubt it. Maybe one day I'll try real ones although my concern is that my barnet will become the main (or mane) attraction for the local population of insects to aim for.
fashion blogger in yellow field in spring
My tee collection is minimal but those which have made it in to the higher echelon of wearability get worn a fair amount, though don't often make it on to the blog. My bad!
fashion blogger in yellow field in spring
In most posts I don't make special mention of where items of my outfits come from as the vast majority are second hand, from charity shops or ebay and so are generally no longer available at all. Anything new or gifted is mentioned and linked so you can source it yourself should you wish. Everything is old today. Favourites for the win.
fashion blogger in yellow field in spring
Things I want to do this summer include being happier, wearing clothes to make me happy, growing lots of flowers to make me (and maybe others too with any luck) happy. No saving clothes for a 'special occasion' which never materialises. Every day is special.

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