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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hasn't there been an absolute mountain of fungi growing here there and everywhere recently? I've been both fascinated and revolted at the sights I've seen this autumn. Copious posts to come with mushrooms, toadstools and all sorts of nameless fungi galore as you probably know by now that I have long since abandoned all hope in identifying all but a select few. Picture the scene: a drab afternoon, grey cloudy sky and the decaying forest floor taking on a life of it's own with thousands of little figures appearing overnight...

 A large one. Of course, size is interesting in mushrooms. It might be featureless but it's size makes it worthy of a snap. C had spotted a large specimen and on our way elsewhere diverted to show me, knowing my appetite for such sights. We pulled the car over, I took out my phone and unceremoniously straddled the mushroom in an awkward semi-squat in heels to get a shot. The dog walker who passed by must have thought I was rather odd but helpfully paused further down the road to call back that there were some more growing along there. How thoughtful.
 A good smattering of these in a bit of a clearing.

 Scabby looking stuff on branches.

 We have a faller

 It's not just chocolate box woodland offerings here. Slimy pile of gunk? Check.

 These two look quirky.

And this last poppet makes a darling little watering station for a hedgehog.

Take care,

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