The bag for one occasion

Friday, October 18, 2019

An outfit that feels like it's properly 'me'. Sometimes it seems that many fall short of how I like to dress for some reason or another, but this one ticks all the boxes. Skirt, boots, blouse with high neck and jacket which doesn't make me feel bulky, yes!

The weather was dank and dreary with a threat of rain falling when it wasn't just hanging in the air. There's a bag I use on these particular occasions which I really, really dislike, yet it has a purpose.
It's waterproof on the outside with a separate bag inside it. The bag will not be affected by the rain, it won't be damaged, nor would it care if it were.
I was given said bag by my Nanny a few years ago and with most presents, feel obligated to use it. Her suggested use was as a cool bag for frozen food at which I raised an eyebrow. A coolbag it is not.
I think it's absolutely hideous. And yet perfect for risking destruction in adverse weather.
Do you keep hold of something you really dislike for a particular purpose? Or do you just wave goodbye to unwanted gifts?

Take care,

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