Shades of the landscape

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

There's change in the air and it's spreading fast. All around I see more colours; yellows, coppers, pinks, purples and reds. My favourite tree is turning, though I wish it would linger a while.
A brief escape on Saturday gave me a chance to snap away albeit under gloomy grey skies, light nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, it wasn't torrential rain and I was grateful for that.

Now that the truly dark evenings are here I remain resigned to remaining indoors. It's my plan to re-apply myself to getting blog posts written and posted on a regular basis. There's always plenty to talk about and even now I feel positive about producing a steady stream of posts. Much as I adore the daylight we enjoy in spring and summer it does mean I abandon all but essential indoor activity in favour of the great outdoors. I don't have a diary as such, back in my teenage years there were phases of writing in one but it got repetitive. Writing this blog is much more out of wanting to cement thoughts rather than an obligation to fill a few lines. Having seen the tally has reached 1329 live posts on here I can't help thinking 'how have I written so many?' and surely some of them merge into the abyss of pointlessness but for many they are pinpoints in time. I have more of some styles of post to share and less of others than the old days but refinement of interest is natural. I digress. 

Have you been out in the changing palette lately?

Take care,

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