Here comes the rain again

Friday, October 04, 2019

Photographs from a brief wander last Sunday in between rain showers. The day felt distinctly dreary and although we had resigned ourselves to spending time tending to indoor activities, the dry spell in the afternoon prompted us to gather ourselves for an optimistic spot of foraging. Our chosen place was thoroughly devoid of our sought-after fruits which was a little disappointing and there wasn't much at all of interest to snap away at but here are my highlights,
The ivy in flower must be one of the most overlooked joys out there. Stand by a tree with ivy in flower growing up it's trunk and pause, the hum of the insects is incredible! At this time of year when there's nothing much to feed on at all the ivy is their saviour.

The green is on the turn.
Never touch any berries unless you are certain of their identity and know they are safe. Above, these are poisonous.
The hawthorne leaves and haws create an autumnal palette all of their own.
Swipes of red on the hedge.
Rosebay willowherb leaves turning a fiery red.

Not as much fungi to be seen as I wold have expected considering the conditions.
Fly agaric! I knew there ought to be one lurking somewhere and this one hadn't been touched.

Leaves tangling in gorse.
Oh dear the dark clouds are rolling in again...
Here comes the rain.
Retreat back to the car empty handed.

Take care,

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