Plans for the Autumn

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

We know how I feel about the onset of ugly Autumn and it's vile cohort Winter but the calendar persists in relentlessly ratcheting round despite my protestations. So what does the new season have in store for me? I feel a list coming on.

Forage elderberries, rose hips, sweet chestnuts, crab apples, blackberries, sloes, plums and whatever else we can make use of

Make crumbles, country wines, jams, syrups and infusions

Photograph the changing landscape

Plan for Christmas, arrange festivities, buy and make thoughtful gifts

Write about the good things we get up to 

Swap my wardrobe around and sort through clothes to part with what I no longer can wear

Pot up winter plants for the front door

Plant tulips and spring bulbs

Continue to harvest remaining allotment produce, store or use

Make soups and casseroles

Tidy allotment, flower patch, greenhouse and garden but not over-tidy - remember wildlife

Plan uplifting times out- meals, walks, events

That should be enough for starters.

Take care,

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