The shortest day

Monday, December 21, 2020


Times have been pretty dark all round recently. Bad news about the virus, the rules, the NHS, the ports, the outlook for 2021. But the one to clobber me the hardest has been our little dog, Lincoln. He started to limp a couple of weeks ago, almost imperceptively then over the course of a couple of days it turned into a proper hobbly walk. We've now had three visits to the vets and now await a referral to a clinic. The second type of painkillers left him virtually immobile and uninterested in eating, drinking or even a thrice daily trip outside for the toilet. I have been distraught. After a swap to a less 'drowsy' painkiller, at least now he is behaving like a dog again, albeit with a bad limp (the cause of which cannot be identified yet). We don't know what the next few days hold but for an ageing little lad as ours, exact age unknown as rescued as a stray, with a greying muzzle, it's a worrying time.

We're trying to keep him rested as much as possible which is difficult when the comfort loving rascal loves to jump up on the sofa or chairs regardless of how many limbs are not in good working order.

I don't know what the future holds but I'm hoping, selfishly, that they miraculously find an easy fix to leave him sprightly and pain-free for years to come.  

He's some shots of the rather bleak looking winter landscape in the sun over the weekend. 

Take care,

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