Rocking red specs

Friday, February 24, 2017

how to rock red spectacles
I've got new specs! Finally.
After years of glasses shopping consisting of trying on loads, frowning and hating the way they make me look.... Something changed. Maybe it was the pair designed especially for me or maybe it was my attitude. Either way, armed with my fresh prescription I marched into the local high street retailer to buy my new glasses. Apparently I started perusing the mens section (eh? they're all just glasses!) so upon being redirected to the womens ranges I got a little more interactive. Oh and to top off the confusion, the 'designer' glasses are unisex. Le sigh.
I tried on about five pairs - two of which I loved. My mind was made up within 5 minutes to get a red pair and a lovely green pair. On closer inspection, while waiting for my fitting I realised they are the same pair in different colours. Well, if the shoe fits, get another pair.... or something like that.
how to rock red spectacles

how to rock red spectacles
Anyway, I'm really happy with my new look! How do you rock red specs? Stick them on your face and look happy about it.
how to rock red spectacles

how to rock red spectacles

how to rock red spectacles
As I use glasses mainly for driving, I haven't worn them for much else before but as I like these so much they might become a more regular feature.
Do you go bold with glasses, go safe, avoid them altogether or are you blessed with 20-20 vision?

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