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Wednesday, December 02, 2020


Listen up all you people out there who don't regularly wear dresses; I'm letting you know that there are a number of difficulties with a frock and wearing it gracefully is the least of them. Getting in and out can be a real struggle. Even a well fitting dress, or a loose one can pose a challenge, especially if it involves a fastening out of eyesight, or reach or (alarmingly) no fastening at all and you're at the mercy of hauling it off your own shoulders. The very most merciful of dress designers would give you buttons at the front because, wow, that would be a doddle. 

Having found several of my summer dresses having mysteriously become too tight and uncomfortable, I took a chance to buy a few more on ebay over summer, with a few winter ones thrown in too. This cord pinafore/dungarees style dress is a bit too big really but it's easy to get in and out of so I'm willing to forfeit a flattering space just because it is so comfy. I gave my new-ish shirt another outing as an underlayer which worked much better than as it did under a tank top. 

Pockety goodness!

It's been so cold recently! There's talk of snow coming and it doesn't surprise me one bit. 

The fantastic news is that they have ok-ed the use of the first Covid-19 vaccine, what a relief! Unbelievable to hear that from next week they'll be starting with vulnerable groups and working out. Although we'll still need measures in place for a good while yet, it's brilliant to know there is light at the end of the tunnel and that some day, hopefully next year, we can go back to leading life with the freedom which we previously took for granted. Great news for people, business, a triumph for science and surely cause for celebration. 

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