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Friday, December 11, 2020


It wouldn't be autumn without finding my second favourite fungus and the one I search for all year in the hope of spotting it; the yellow brain fungus. 

It was on a frosty morning we found these blobs, I imagine they turned to goo once thawed. 

In fact I'm wondering how large the growths get, whether I might one day stumble upon a huge quivering dollop on the side of a tree. 

Cold week. Hopefully you have something nice planned for the weekend or a chance to get festive and enjoy the rest.
Take care, 

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  1. Love the early morning dew in nature. Kin of highlights its beauty.

  2. Definitely looks like a Doctor Who character or plotline!

  3. How funny that both you and Kezzie wanted to find a particular fungus and then did within weeks of each other!
    Those final photos are lovely, like little jewels in the wild!
    Hoping to catch up with all your posts today, Bloglovin' tells me I have 19 days to catch up on!


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