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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


If you've ever had a protein shake you'll know how important it is to give it a good enough mix to get rid of any lumps. Shakers come in a variety of designs but the only ones I've come across have one thing in common - you shake them (we have about 5 in our kitchen). Enter Promixx, a revolutionary way of making the perfect drink. The really different concept of the Promixx completely sets it apart from it's rivals. This sports drink mixer has a blending paddle set within the bottle and has a one twist detachable motor which goes ahead to create a vortex and the press of a button. The device is barely any larger than any other sports drink mixer as the motor unit is battery operated (2x AAA batteries) so it can be taken out and used on the go, on demand. No ugly cables required. I was very impressed with the functionality of the device and the build quality - the lid is strong, secure and leak-proof.

SONY DSCThe  vortex created is a thing of beauty in itself.

To mix your drink up you first put in the liquid, start up the motor to create the vortex, then add your powder. When I gave the Promixx a whirl my drink was spot on, no lumps at all and in double quick time. Very impressive. Now don't think for one second that this device is purely for protein shakes; any liquid based drinks are good - from milkshakes to baby formula or even cocktails too! Nifty, eh? Any negatives? Well, my main gripe is that the bottle does not have any measurements marked on it which would have been super useful but hey, it’s no biggie.

Thanks to Promixx for sending me a mixer to review, it's certainly a product which is going to see a good lot of use (Husband is going to snuffle this quicker than you can imagine, d'oh!) and they have also sent me one to give away to you, dear readers *high five*.

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  1. Sounds like a great product for mixing those shakes. I must admit this year really has been non starter fitness wise, health seems to have been pants instead. (a sign fitness needs to be refocused on I think!)

    Let hope 2014 is the year for a trimmer and fitter me!

    X x

  2. I've kind of gone crazy this year with endurance racing and have just begun to research the whole shake situation... there's so much out there! xx

  3. It sounds amazing and quit magical haha! x

    Christina x

  4. I'm currently 7 and a bit months pregnant but once baby is out I can't wait to go back to the gym and go swimming to loose the flab

  5. I obviously like to keep fit by Dancing, but I'm entering this in the hope I'll win an amazing present for Stuart! He spends his days working with solders at Headley Court and has to squeeze in his work outs as and then he can - often he gets grumpy if he misses them!! He already has one of the normal shakers but he does nothing but complain about the lumps it leaves behind!! Fingers crossed :) xxx

  6. I generally keep fit by walking or zumba when i have the time or the energy


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