One green bottle

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Jacket and jeans – charity shop, top – Tesco (old), boots – Sarenza, hat – ebay

The colour of this jacket really hasn’t been caught at it’s best in these pictures. It is in fact a rich bottle green which happens to be a colour I don't usually tango with but I really enjoy it. The wide sleeves make it really different from anything else I own and certainly ring my bell. Tying the belt instead of doing it up makes me feel like I could sneak in as a plain extra into 'The Devil Wears Prada', especially with the hat and shoe boots. Watch me hail that cab...


They really don’t look it, but I put loads of effort into getting these pictures; as Husband was out I had to firstly balance the SLR on my table that acts as tripod by the back door, aim it right, set the timer, rumnnnnnnnnnn across the wet lawn then strike a pose and wait for the darn thing to take a picture and repeat times nine. Weirdly I liked most of them. Next week I rather hope to break free of the garden again and get some photos out and about again. I don't want to miss the best sights of Autumn.

In other news I’ve been feeling in such a good mood these past few days and it is highly unusual for me, nay, unheard of. I’m just running with it and enjoying the ride.  Happy Thursday!

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