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Saturday, November 23, 2013


I’ve recently been on the hunt for some wintery hot drinks to try, searching high and low for some inspiring beverages to suite the colder months. I’m a fruit tea fiend. My hot drinks of choice are fruit and herbal infusions since I gave up on tea and coffee and I love the sheer quantity of variety available. Of course up until now I'd only ever tried tea bags which although give plenty of aroma can tend to be fairly weak in terms of flavour.


When Fruitbroo asked me if I'd like to try some of their range I was only too pleased to give them a try. The first thing I was impressed by was that they are a super concentrated liquid, I guess like a cordial for hot water and 100% natural with only 15 calories per cup. Secondly, you notice is the smell; they really have a wonderful fruity smell which is very enticing. The tastes are second to none and really set these apart from fruit tea bags. My personal favourite is the apple ginger and spice which is pale yellow in colour with a delicious apple flavour backed up with subtle spice which ticks all the boxes for me; sweet and fruity with enough spice to put the 'winter' stamp on.


Husband preferred the rhubarb apple and cinnamon which was not quite as sweet but amazingly rhubarbular - and if that's not a word it blinking well ought to be. I'm looking forward to seeking out more of the Fruitbroo range; peach pear and honey plus elderflower and lime top my list of ones to try.


Can I just draw your attention to my rather grown up and elegant china tea set? I bought 6 cups and sauces from a local auction for peanuts back in summer and this is their first outing. I was really keen to find some which were posh and vintage-y without being too OTT. I like to think that these have hit the mark just right and make a cup of tea that little bit nicer than a big clumsy mug.

Do you have any favourite winter drink? Have you tried Fruitbroo? And lastly, what doe you think of my teacups?


Thank you to Fruitbroo for sending me these samples!

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