The Aztec knit skirt

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aztec print skirt

Top and skirt - charity shops, boots - eBay, tights - Primark

Autumn outfit

outfit in woodland 

This has to be one of my all time favourite outfits of all time, ever. I planned the lower half of my outfit in my head as soon as I found this knitted skirt on the rail but at that stage the blouse had not yet been sourced. Aztec style patterns are something I've never really dabbled in before, perhaps because they are so structured. Anyway, as soon as my eyes locked on this piece innocently hanging amongst the random collection of skirts I knew it had to be mine, if it hadn't been my size I may have had to shed a tear right there, trying to dry my eyes on an unwanted denim maxi. When I tried it on back at home I was over the moon to discover that it happened to fit like a glove with a good amount of stretch as well as being warm enough to wear all winter, plus long enough to be a practical mini skirt. Is it love? I think so. And the price? £2.50. The blouse is one I bought a couple of weeks ago for even less. In fact I was toying with leaving it in situ; would the sleeves annoy me, did I like the unusual collar and why should I buy a totally sheer top anyway. Thank goodness I bought it against my instincts! Obviously it has to be worn with a top underneath, but it is already another future favourite. Seriously easy to wear and pretty.

Aztec print

You would not believe how frustrating it was trying to get these photographs. I planned to come here en route to town in order to snap a few pictures on the quick amongst the beautiful bright trees and golden leaves. Not being an experienced photographer, although award-winning don't forget, I hadn't banked on the low light and quite how much of a nuisance it would pose. We had several lenses on hand plus the external flash so I just thought it was just a case of cracking on with it, after all, everyone else seems to be able to take good pictures in this environment. About 30 pictures later plus lots of flash adjustment, waiting and waiting for the flash to recharge, some prolonged biting of lip, several dodgy looking cars turning up goodness knows what for and more than a handful of awkward stances I called time and gave up. These are the best I could muster.


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