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Monday, November 25, 2013

tank topSONY DSC

Shirt and ring - charity shop, tank top - eBay, trousers - River Island, boots - Yull, necklace - New Look, bracelet - gift

tank top

Let me say this: there have not been enough tank tops in the blogosphere this autumn for my liking. I get that they're not for everyone but hello, they are just flipping brilliant! I love to wear a shirt or blouse but they can be rather too chilly on their own this time of year so an extra knitted layer is the perfect balance for staying snug without a full blown jumper. It's clever. Let me also give a hoot of joy about these tartan trousers which have been patiently waiting to be worn. The green patterning is a pleasant alternative to the red tartan that seems to be everywhere this year, it's good to see a little variety.

Yull Chelsea boots

I think I should give a shout out  for these fabulous Yull Chelsea boots that I’ve been wearing pretty much non-stop in the year (you've probably noticed). You can steal my heart with a pair of practical ankle boots, don't you know. I have my heart set on a pair of Fulham boots too, they will be a perfect addition to my boot collection.These pictures were taken while we were out on a pretty wander through the grounds of a local National Trust property a week ago, I took some more photos which will make an appearance when I've had a chance to go through them.

Autumn outfit

Have I convinced you to get yourself a tank?


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